The Special Branch: Photographs Added:16.6. 2010
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The Special Branch: Photographs

If something has recently undergone such rapid development, both in terms of technique, or general availability, it is definitely photography. Czech On campus, however, despite such an expansion retains high prestige – not only as her field of study offers only a few faculties, but is considerably limited the number of students each year are admitted to study. All the more so the completion of such a course weight.

Contents === studies

Studying photographs attracts many candidates primarily because – like almost all artistically oriented fields – the vast majority going through practical training and independent creative work. That does not mean that theoretical teaching remained completely ignored. Its handle is fully equivalent to contrast with the ongoing creative work during their studies and in the state examinations and theses deliverables. Applicants for admission should also have to prepare for that even though the content of this field has focused somewhat „freer“ than most others, the opposite may be true. Studying is usually require a large amount of time, even outside of school teaching. A big plus of course is that students have while studying the opportunity to meet with real professionals in the field of photography, who works here, either as external, but often it also as a tribal educators.

Admission tests === === The time demands of study and great emphasis on the quality of ongoing work itself anticipates no preparation for entrance exams. They are usually multi-round process and for the short round, and usually requires proof of several different jobs at once. In the rolling wheels are then further examine the applicant's know­ledge of the history and techniques of photographs, orientation in the history and current events in the cultural and artistic spheres. Assessed is the ability to work without any previous preparation, the candidates must be in place to develop the task. As is evident from the above, to complete the admission procedure is really only choose those students with demonstrated talent. Also, why are students admitted to a bachelor's study in many places to count on the fingers, in the case study to master even the most just and only one hand.

Courses === === Perhaps not surprisingly, the subjects focused on their photos will be primarily to educate students in various techniques and procedures of creative work, and so, under their hands, formed under all circumstances, only the really good shots. At the same time study designed to support students in finding new approaches and motivate them to do more work. Most of the studies tends to take place in studios and workshops during or directly in the entire study trips. The second component of the practical part of studies are ongoing tasks and work independently, which are then evaluated and eventually may occur, for example in the „live“ exhibition projects. As noted above, the study consists of theoretical subjects. They made history of his audience and present the photographic medium, but also the specifics of individual genres, whether it is a self-portrait, commercial photography or need a photographic interpretation of architecture. A large space is devoted, of course, digital photography, the possibilities of processing or working in DTP (desktop publishing) study. However, only „be able to shoot well“ if he wants to see you through the art scene today is not nearly enough. Also, why are filling photographic subjects even subjects like marketing, advertising psychology and art in general, sociology, foreign languages, etc..

. <> * *** Photo is today, almost two centuries after its discovery, still very popular medium (photo: Lucie Black, *

Graduate profile === === Graduates of bachelor degree studies receive basic vocational education in artistic, documentary, journalism, applied and commercial photography. They control all the basic technological processes by capturing an image after processing and digital editing. Area photos but also dominate the theoretical point of view, including its history. The Master's program will have the opportunity to specialize more in one of the areas that offer a wide field of photography. Use Industries focused on photography prepare students for work in advertising and custom photography (eg advertising agencies) also may apply as a professional media photographers, DTP studios, advertising departments of companies and institutions, in publishing, as photographers in cultural, sporting and other significant events, etc. His theoretical knowledge may, after completion of higher degree studies (which may also have added other professionally oriented subjects) to apply, for example in the theory and critique photographs, photographic exhibitions, curating, teaching photography courses and the different types of photography schools, etc.

Where to study photography === === Disciplines that focus directly on the photo is not in our universities still too many. But the closer range, the low number of admitted students, but also the fact that among their teachers and external personnel raises a number of well-known photographers, adds these fields a certain mark of exclusivity. Fields are currently engaged in studying the photos at these schools:

Silesian University

** Philosophy and Science ** Institute of Creative Photography

Study program: ** Film, television and photographic arts and new media ** Field of Study: Creative ** photos ** – Bachelor's (K, 3 years) Master's (K, 2 years) and PhD (3 years) Web site: „“:

University of Tomas Bata

** Faculty of Multimedia Communications **

Study program: ** Fine Arts ** Field: Multimedia and Design ** ** Studio: ** ** Stock Photo – Bachelor's (P, 3 years) and Master's (M, 2 years) Web site: „“:…

University of Jan Evangelista PURKYNĚ In Usti nad Labem

** Faculty of Art and Design **

Study program: ** Fine Arts ** Field of Study: Photography and Intermedia ** ** production (different focus) – Bachelor's (P, 4 years) Field of Study: ** Picture ** (different focus) – Master's Study (P 2 years)

Study program: ** ** Fine Art Field of Study: Photography ** ** – master (P 2 years) Web site: „“:


** Movie ** Faculty

Study program: ** Film, television and photographic arts and new media ** Field of Study: ** Photos ** – Bachelor (P 3 years and in Ref Lo), master (P 2 years, and in Ref Lo) Field of Study: ** Photos ** – ** ** Restoration Studio – Master's (M, 2 years) Web site: „“:…ce-o-studium

Author: Černá, Lucie

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