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How to write an appeal? Added:14.6. 2010
Updated:6.6. 2011
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How to write an appeal?

„According to § 50 paragraph 7 of the Law on Higher Education of 22 April 1998 the applicant may request a reconsideration. A written request signed by the tenderer shall be submitted to the Dean of the faculty who made the decision within 30 days of its receipt. Dean may request and change the decision, or forward it to the Rector. What can you do to make your appeal most compelling? “

This rather dry paragraph opens the gate to high school and those who are often lost due to the few tenths of points received in the industry who wanted to study. Because there but for the future, you need to write an appeal to pay attention to it. In some cases it is unnecessary for him to try, but sometimes it can come to fruition. If you have at least a small chance to be heard your request to review a decision of acceptance, file a notice of appeal. First, you can try a formal communication, both can be helped to a coveted high school. Many of the students makes the application more courses even though they come at all, just pick what they enjoy most. After registration, usually indicates whether the school actually fill the capacity of students for the academic year. How, then, that important document to write?

It is important to write an appeal on time **. ** The deadline for filing an appeal is usually within 30 ** days after the decision not to take **. The school may waive this deadline is exceeded only in exceptional and duly justified cases.

Have not work with the appropriate adjustment document ** **. To be admitted to college and that is where it often happens that students who do not comply with formal requirements handed to work, are thrown off course. Therefore, be preferred as the most rigorous and your document before sending Consult with more people – whether parents, češtinářkou or university student.

Try to show interest in the field ** **. No claims of „just made me really interested in my favorite movie is The Devil's Advocate“, but rather try to objectively ** ** indicate that the field you're interested and have consistently placed for him. Place naskekované copied or diplomas from the Olympics, confirmed experience in the field and mention the experience in the field, you have acquired. The school should get the feeling that your failure to adopt lost a gifted student. But not with your statement, but the enclosed materials. When drafting similar documents, it is better to act than as a dry aggrieved „nerd“.

But sometimes even the location of the lucrative competitions help. For example, at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University excluded are excellent results from school, or to previous practice, unless explicitly stated in terms of adoption. Dean of Admissions receives commission on all fields more candidates in advance because it anticipates that some applicants does not compete. "State of the candidates may be added in early August after entry in the study if it is found that the capacity limit of the field was not filled. Studies in this reason, the other ordered by candidates in the field, regardless of whether the applicant will lodge applications for review of the decision of the Dean or not, "writes Dean Josef Krob in a document which relates to requests to review a decision of the Dean. Thus, the first place you on your options, inform, should be the faculty where you want to be recruited later.

** Nejpádnějším argument for the application for review of the admission procedure is an incorrect assessment .** attack on a specific task, which could harm you or the total over the entrance. If you suspect that you have been wronged, can solve the case legally. However, many faculty this year based on tests taken by National comparative trials, which are not within the purview of schools, but private companies, so that any errors in the tests fall on the shoulders of SCIA and not the school. However, the school could disadvantage your account. For help in similar cases, you can request a law firm.

The Internet is countless examples of how an appeal can be. A model for such an appeal can be found „here“:…ani_vzor.doc.

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