Second chance: the entrance to the adoption without FEEC Added:14.6. 2010
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Second chance: the entrance to the adoption without FEEC

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (FIT), Brno University of Technology launched a second chance for students who wish to enroll in college. Students can submit applications to the faculty from 15 ** 6th to 10 8th 2010 **. The second round of the admission procedure is designed for students who meet any of the conditions for admission without entrance examinations. Also new is the opportunity to be adopted on the basis of the results of comparative tests of the National SCIO.

The advantage of this second round is that students can „choose“ which set out the criteria for admission are met, and which is best for them. From the initial discharge rate of the faculty with an excellent rating, despite the average mark in high school, a good result at GCSE, and to meet the criteria for national comparative tests.

"We are very flexible and open as many students. We also encourage those students who achieved outstanding results in the Olympics, competitions and other activities, and they also have the opportunity to get our faculty without entrance exams, "said public relations manager George Wagner FIT.

For more information, prospective students can get to * *: or „www.feec.vut­“: Http://www.fe­­dium/admission­s.php . com.

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