COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Physics II. Added:21.6. 2010
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If Newton or Einstein's now going to college, you might be wondering to what extent is now studying physics. To be in the mess of branches lost, we bring you a little guide. This time courses Palacky University, University of Ostrava, Hradec Kralove University of Jan Evangelista.

Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Science

FIELDS OF BACHELOR STUDIES Palacky University, see generally, marking fields, fields of teaching and the more narrowly focused. Written exams test the candidate in physics and mathematics, only in the field of molecular biophysics is added to the chemistry and physics teacher in combination with computer technology is to be controlled and computer science skills. All courses are offered only in full form.

** ** Applied Physics aims to educate its students to control the experimental work and the ability to work in teams, whose work is on the frontiers of physics and engineering disciplines. Part of the study also deals with nanotechnology, but also computers and electronics. Last year, all applicants were accepted (14). ** ** Biophysics conceals both physical and mathematical basis of the elementary knowledge about the molecular nature of biological and physical processes. The study combines theory and experiments. Graduates find employment in the biological, chemical and medical equipment, or may continue into the master's program. Last year, they also accepted all applicants (12 in total). ** ** Molecular Biophysics seeks to teach students to understand the molecular basis of living organisms. It is on the frontiers of molecular biology and physics. In addition to traditional chemical biological, pharmaceutical and medical device declares the application of Science in criminology. In the last academic year were recruited to study all the candidates (24 in total). ** General Physics and Mathematical Physics ** emphasis on classical and quantum optics, condensed matter physics, thermodynamics but also computer technology. Graduates should learn to capitalize on acquired knowledge in practical and theoretical work. Last year, the six candidates received five. [* Optika.jpg. (In Manchester optics can be studied Bachelor's and Master's degree (Photo stock.xchng)>] * *** In Manchester optics can be studied Bachelor's and Master's degree (Photo stock.xchng) * Optics & Optoelectronics ** ** prepares the students for the field master's degree. It is primarily an overview of not only the physical optics of focused disciplines. In the previous school year, received 21 of 25 candidates ** ** Device Physics instills its students with experimental methods of physical work may focus on either digital measuring systems or in medical instrumentation. Last year it was made all 7 of applicants. ** ** Instrumental optics offers students the opportunity through elective courses specializing in optical measurement, design of optoelectronic systems, optical and military applications. Activities of graduates is directed primarily to research and technological practice. The study was made in the previous year, 9 out of 12 applicants. ** Physics ** focused on teaching combines a wide view of the physical disciplines of educational, psychological and didactic subjects. It is expected that students master one another in respective field.

MASTER FIELDS OF STUDY Entrance examinations to follow master's degree programs typically include the knowledge required for passing the state exams in the relevant undergraduate discipline. Studies are also offered by the full form. All subjects were recruited follow all applicants sign.

Four of the subjects followed to study undergraduate degrees. They are ** Applied Physics, Biophysics, General Physics and Mathematical Physics, Optics and Optoelectronics **. They concretize and deepen the already acquired knowledge. Nanotechnology Field ** ** educates graduates to be able to apply these issues in the industry, developments in basic and applied research in testing events in process control and the certification of products. The teacher disciplines continues ** Physics Teacher for Secondary School **.

For more information, see „here“:…dijni-obory/. Attention is second round of admission!

Silesian University in Opava, Faculty of Arts and Science

FIELDS OF BACHELOR STUDIES A bachelor all disciplines are accepted all applicants with the exception of field of study multimedia technology, where you need to pass an oral interview exploring the general scholastic aptitude and knowledge of the exact disciplines. Undergraduate courses are offered only in full form.

Purely physical field is ** ** Astrophysics, in addition to astrophysical knowledge concentrates on the teaching of computer modeling of physical processes. Graduates can apply for both positions for astronomical and astrophysical sites, manage the creation of multimedia programs and are ready for a master's degree. The Applied Physics degree program are offered three different courses specialized in border sectors. ** ** Environmental Monitoring provides education in the laws of physics effects on the environment, methods of measuring the condition and also in the legal field. ** Multimedia ** emphasize the physical aspect of the informatickou audiovisual works and working with multimedia technology. ** Computer Science and its Applications ** teaches students how to use computers in physics and mathematics work.

MASTER FIELDS OF STUDY Master's education can be achieved in Opava in two fields. In both of these candidates are admitted without entrance examinations, both are studying full-time. The first of these – ** ** Theoretical Physics – is designed as a follow-up study. Topics move from classical to modern physics, is also an integral part of mathematics and computer science. Graduates are prepared for basic and applied research and work in the industry. The second field is a five-year master's degree ** Teacher of Physics and Mathematics for Secondary School **. We find here the classic physical and mathematical problems, often including pedagogical and psychological disciplines. Graduates are not provided with such education that allows them to assert and elsewhere.

For more information, see „Web faculties“:…ni-2010-2011. 2nd round of proceedings were published by 20 June!

University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem, Faculty of Science

FIELDS OF BACHELOR STUDIES Ústecká University prefers to study physics in the two-field form, all courses offered are designed as full-time, only a combination of non-teaching physics and mathematics and computer modeling in physics and technology is also possible to study together. From physics to entrance exams do nothing, they come across candidates may not in others fields in combination.

Field ** ** physics such as preparing students for experimental and laboratory work, foresees their possible involvement in the practice immediately after completing a bachelor's degree. Is it possible to study the combination of biology, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, social sciences, physical education and music. All-time is ** Computer Modelling in Physics and Technology **. Students are involved in the use of computer technology in solving physics and engineering problems. Apply both in industry and in research. [* Emc2.jpg. (Teaching courses are a natural part of the tender physical branches (photo: stock.xchng) <], *** * Teaching courses are a natural part of the tender physical branches (photo: stock.xchng) * ** Physics Education ** educates graduates for teaching practice at the 2nd primary schools. It is expected that students will continue into the master's degree studies. However, immediately after graduating from the bachelor program can apply as an assistant teacher, or in leisure centers. You can also study the physics of chemistry, computer science, mathematics, social sciences, physical education and technical education.

MASTER FIELDS OF STUDY The only jednooborovým while neučitelským field is ** Computer modeling in science and technology related to the ** Bachelor degree and expanding it acquired skills. Graduates can apply in teams assurance development and management sectors and in scientific work in the field of computational physics. Master Master of Science offers teacher training in two versions – as ** Physics Teacher for the 2nd ** level of primary schools (with the possible combination of mathematics, chemistry, biology, physical education and music education), and ** Physics Teacher for Secondary School ** (in biology, mathematics, physical education and chemistry). Dvouobory Both are focused on a thorough study of the fundamental problems of both disciplines, and also selected the appropriate level of didactic education.

For more information, visit the "site of the Faculty of Science ': Attention Faculty announced the second round of admission!

University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Education

University of Hradec Kralove lists just a single physical discipline within the Faculty of Education, and Bachelor degree ** Physico-technical measurements and computer technology **. Field of study is taught both in attendance and in combined form. The full form of the last of 13 candidates received eleven and a combined 15 out of 23 applicants. Entrance exams consist of written tests, including physics and mathematics and of oral testing also physical skills. Studies specializes in laboratory activities, and thus also possible for graduates of positions in laboratories or technical assistants universities. The university also plans to launch the master branch.

For more detailed information, go to „Faculty of Education website“:

University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science

FIELDS OF BACHELOR STUDIES The bachelor's degree studies can be studied in Ostrava degree in either physics or as a double subject. Single-subject study is carried out in the form of full-time, two-field is possible in combination with mathematics, biology, chemistry and computer science to study the combination. Candidates do not perform examinations.

[* Bikod.jpg. (Computer modeling is becoming a trend in physics (photo: stock.xchng)>] * *** Computer modeling is becoming a trend in physics (photo: stock.xchng) * The single-subject study Biophysics, and ** Computer Modelling in Physics **. The latter responded to the trend of using computer simulations in scientific research. Graduates can apply as assistants to specialists will be able to create a functional and efficient numerical models of physical processes in all areas of applied research. Study Biophysics ** ** uses the basic chemical, biological and physical findings in experimental methods and studies of biological material. Graduates can apply in applied research or the type of workplace or environmental health centers and laboratories are also prepared to establish a Master's degree studies. Two-field study of physics ** ** provides especially strong sectoral basis and preconditions for establishing a master's degree. You can choose from a combination of mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science, geography or any of the fields of Arts and Faculty of Education.

MASTER FIELDS OF STUDY Postgraduate courses are offered only in full form. Applicants for the degree in biophysics ** ** held entrance examinations of the basic knowledge of experimental methods of biophysics. Bachelor extends the knowledge of the broader context of biological and chemical disciplines, with emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach. Graduates will be applied in basic and applied research on the physiology and ecology in many other workplaces. Offer undergraduate majors following a teacher-oriented ** Physics Teacher for Secondary School ** and ** Physics Teacher for Primary School **. Candidates must pass the entrance examination that tests their knowledge of relevant disciplines (physics teachers in both studies as dvouobor) and also from the pedagogical and psychological disciplines. As the name suggests graduates to apply primarily as schoolmasters of the educational institutions.

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