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Where to get a certificate from the Italian? Added:21.7. 2010
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Where to get a certificate from the Italian?

„Ma il mio Mistero e Chiusa in me, il mio nome Nessun SAPR“ sings legendary Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti Nessun Dorma in the song. Words are the language with which most of us do not meet too – I do not see it on TV or movies, neslýcháme on the radio. Yet there will be some who fall his charm. What have the option of their flirtation with the Romanic language to prove?

For several years, offering state school exams of different levels of knowledge of European languages ​​to a common frame of reference. The Italian then you can ** ** State exam taken at two levels – and intermediate (B2 Council of Europe) and advanced (C1 Council of Europe). Passing the exam provides the State Language School in Prague. Her website can be viewed „here.“: Http://www.sjs­.cz/courses/list

The Italian side also has its own tests and those are the CILS and PLIDA. ** ** CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua straniero) is the official certificate that specifies the language proficiency in Italian as a foreign language. CILS certificate awarded University for Foreigners in Siena and is usable for those who work or study in an environment requiring communication in Italian. The level of these tests, describes the ability to speak at the appropriate level and to achieve a certain level of CILS is no need to test out lower levels. Straight So you can throw on the level at which you feel. About this certificate, you can try in Brno Language school with state language exam, which is located at Kotlářská 9 and which pages you find „here.“: Http:// More information about the CILS exams, you can learn „Here.“:…nt/view/284/

** ** PLIDA certificates are officially recognized by the Italian State and issued with the approval of a professional one of the oldest Italian universities of La Sapienza in Rome. Tests can pass on the Prague section of Dante Alighieri, based on Kobyliské Square in Prague 8 This company was founded in Rome in 1889 and today operates a total of 3,300 schools around the world trying to spread the Italian language and culture. On the site you get through this „link.“: Http://www.dan­­le/it_file/ban­nercz2.htm

The aforementioned certificates relating to general knowledge of Italian, but there are also certificates for professionals – and translating and interpreting. Both language school offers City. Prague in the state language exam.

Self-study or course is not the only way to get a certificate. „The certificate I received as a result of their studies in Italian bilingual school in Bratislava,“ says Peter Barteková, graduated from grammar school on the street Ladislav Sarah. „I've had all subjects except in Italian history and the study ended and we state language examination in Italian C1 level.“ Certificate for her was not the primary, when he reported to the school, had no idea that it gets. She wanted to do well to learn the Italian language. Yet even so, later used the certificate. "The knowledge of Italian, I had to demonstrate the application to Erasmus, as I reported to study in Rome. Although I have since been certified so far missed, I think it can be useful when looking for work, "says Peter.

The Czech Republic is several bilingual schools, the Italian school, there is currently none. Italian can be studied at a university where the study is completed with a final examination in the field, however, that none of Czech departments does not gain the certificate. "Our students graduate with a university degree only. A certificate from a language we do not consider yet, "says Lenka Kovacova from the Department of Romance Palacky University. For graduates of philological field, however, any certificate Resolved not be a problem.

** Source: ** „“:…tifikaty-ij/


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