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Admissions to the University of Pardubice Added:16.6. 2010
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Admissions to the University of Pardubice

Press news

** At this week (June 14 to 18) is the oral entrance examination in the admission to degree programs and courses of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Pardubice .**

Exams already taken place and Administration Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of restoration Litomysl. Three other University of Pardubice – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Jan Perner Transport Faculty and the Faculty of Chemical Technology entrance examination on a test candidate's know­ledge does not. The technical and scientific faculties accept applicants registered on the basis of documented results of secondary studies.

[* * Att573cb.jpg] ** 7 faculties of the University of Pardubice accepts candidates for this study and 25 undergraduate programs, with 52 branches .**

In 1 came round admission to bachelor degree programs, nearly 8800 entries:

  • A thousand more applications than the year-earlier period,
  • It is only about 100 applications for less than the total final number of applications to undergraduate studies 2nd al reception at the end of September 2009
  • The interest is more than double the number of students admitted to 1 year bachelor degree courses (faculty plan to take nearly 4000 candidates)
  • The largest number of applications received traditionally Faculty of Economics and Management (2700) and most candidates have expressed interest in studying bachelor degree economics and business operations (844 – about one third of the registered faculty).

The total number of entries, including follow-up master's and doctoral studies are not yet at this moment to express, because the application forms to the higher degree – master's and doctoral degree – are admitted to certain faculties until the summer months.

** 2nd Round of admission to Bachelor degree programs / courses: ** The main admission to degree programs is currently on the faculties of this month – the entire cycle of reception closes in September just before the start of the academic year.

** Faculty currently considering putting up the second al admission to bachelor degree programs / courses .**

The second round of applicants will be opened at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Faculty of Economics and Administration, and only in certain fields of study.

On Jan Perner Transport Faculty of Arts and Faculty of the information on the possible second rounds (where both faculty fulfilled all the fields in the first round), known in the second half of June.

The Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of restoration in the second round of Litomysl admission will be held.

In the second round of additional proceedings are ** always just add the number of students and locations ** in each specific field of study, in order of units or tens of listeners.

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová

Chancellor – University Yard spokesman

Phone 466 036 555


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