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I was not accepted ... Added:25.6. 2010
Updated:6.6. 2011
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I was not accepted ...

Maybe you also experienced: the expected letter arrived with the school logo, for which you have recently sat the entrance exams, opening the envelope and in a spirit of hope that despite the number of chybek which you have the test done, the message is positive in the letter. Pull out a piece of paper on it in the text of September: „I accept“. But do not worry, it still is not the end of the world.

People who stay each year before the gate leading into the university world, often in spite of increasing capacity in various fields are still too many. Whatever it may be inadequate training, excessive nervousness, and nevyspalost or even unexpectedly high demand of the test result remains the same. For information on what to do, we are on our site have written many. Here we bring you a comprehensive overview of ways to do or where to proceed further, even if you belong to those less fortunate.

Option one: an appeal

„Appeals“:…slo/odvolani is one of the most common variants, followed by unsuccessful bidders trap. Any such withdrawal is associated with a number of formalities to be observed. If any of them underplay, it may happen that unnecessarily close the door a second time – and for this year and last. The correct assembly of the appeal will be in addition to information provided to each faculty or department of study, for example, could help „this article“:…sat-odvolani. However, remember that writing any appeal is irrelevant if you are at the entrance received very low points or where the examination of the results have no fundamental reasons (for example, Masarykova univerzita řadí the unfounded arguments to be "great interest to study the chosen field, excellent results in high school, previous work experience, language and other tests, the family tradition of coming late to the written entrance examination, subjective feelings and impressions regarding the admission procedure, etc.). Nor has the meaning given such an appeal, in which you want to apply for admission to another, though related field or program or any other form of study (that can be considered only at the moment, unless in the parallel program filled to capacity, although even there it depends on the conditions that have given the faculty).

. <> * *** did not take you? It is still not the end of the world (photo: stock.xchng) *

Option two: additional admissions

In case of rejection you surely do not forget to keep watch, if you accidentally selected and Faculty omit other new fields or additional admissions. Their detection depends entirely on your personal activity. You can almost look up to September, as the „accreditation“: „accreditation“:…tva-skolstvi new branches and adding capacity at any time and often during the summer . Information about additional admission procedures, you can, message boards and Web sites of universities themselves also search our site, and specifically in the „News“ section: „Calendar“: http:// /…dar-akci/co/ and „News“:…skove-zpravy.

Option Three: Language School

As we are on our web site mentioned several times, students are often cílovištěm and language schools. Their advantages and disadvantages can be read „here“:…dovat-jazyky, current trends, within which there is language education , then „here“:…tudiu-jazyku. In „the conversation“:…byl-ztraceny again you can read about the authentic experiences of one of our graduate schools. The advantage of most of them is that if you plan on any of the colleges actually did, and admitted submitting evidence of this fact, the language school will return the money paid back.

Other options === === In addition to the above-mentioned alternatives also offers many other. You can either begin to deepen their education at some of the broad portfolio of „private“:…vysoka-skola or colleges, or choose from the „foundation years“ :…nulty-rocnik „preparatory courses“:…ipravny-kurz or courses of lifelong Learning:…vzdelavani-2. Who would like to teach her to another field, you can try re-emerge in high school or look for a retraining course or evening school. Those more adventurous can then go to study languages ​​or work (or both at once) to the world an interesting experience but can also bring participation in a volunteer project (so called. work camps), organized by various humanitarian and charitable organizations. And what's left? Yes, the list must not miss the starting date. Believe me, however, that despite the obvious disadvantages of each option, this carries several advantages: not only that we will finally be able to go it alone, but you will also get valuable experience in the future. All of these options, which is of not proceed to high school, the more detail you can read in „this article“:…a-vs-kam-ted.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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