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They accepted me at university. What now? Added:28.6. 2010
Updated:6.6. 2011
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They accepted me at university. What now?

On the table lies to you freshly pulled from the mailbox a letter of acceptance to your college choice. What do you now expect? What is the need to prepare? What to do if you take in more schools? Read. Note: Article was the 6th 6th 2011 to date. (KAV)

More == schools in the game

They gave you a lot of applications? Then you can easily find yourself in a pleasing, but also the precarious situation – take you to more schools. Now what do you take on? ** Decide according to your preferences ** like you picking on the school sign at all. If you can not decide, you can easily study the two schools puzzling ** **. Ideally, the selected thematic fields overlap or complement, which can relieve a little more demanding studies. Problems can occur, particularly if the school is located in another city. Although you can choose one of the fields combined form, or apply for a transfer to another school related field, so that you studied in one city, but not always it must succeed. Anyway, if you decide to study more schools simultaneously, allow for a smaller amount of free time and susceptibility to worse outcomes study. On the other hand, you will have the advantage of a wider outlook.

[* College.jpg. (The notation is the first step on the University land (foto.stock.xchng) <] * *** Writing is the first step on the university land * (foto.stock.xchng)

Writing – the first step on the University campuses

With the announcement of the adoption will most likely come an invitation to write ** **. The first time you step on the soil of your future faculty. Minutes are held frequently during the holidays and your presence is required. However, if not at the time you catch a bronze on vacation, you may authorize another person. The minutes acknowledge that the school really get on, you must have your ID card or notarized proof of power of attorney, receipt, and schools also require a certified copy or original school-leaving certificate. The minutes are often basic information about the study and current enrollment in courses. Sometimes photography is part of the student ID cards and school information systems. Come therefore with a smile and good mood.

Creation == schedule

Even before the start of the semester awaits enrollment and course enrollment. Because even today, schools are subject to modernization, instead of paper you have to contend with various school period of electronic information systems. Often it is a bitter labor. Courses will usually be chosen according to the specified ** ** curriculum at some schools you will be able to schedule more adapted, else you will have to meet a predetermined schedule. First registration takes place ** ** when it is still possible to change subjects log off and basically no discretion, then ** ** entry confirms that lectures and seminars, you will actually attend. Think soberly, so that you meet the required number of credits, but even so you have to shoulder the very beginning nenaložili too. After all you are a distinguished and find out how it all goes high. Study plans and timetables for each semester of the school published in advance on their web site or information systems and it is quite possible that I write you to understand where the information search. In case of problems you will certainly be happy to advise on the study ward.

Where to for advice and a friend?

In addition to this ** ** Department study, which will provide you with a certificate of study, student card issue and provide other necessary organizational tasks associated with the study or possibly handle troubles in the study, schools often establish a function of learning advisors **. ** They are recruited from among students themselves, and so, if you suffer from any learning problem or you know something council, you can turn essentially on their peers.

Certainly in the course of study will appreciate the contact with your classmates in the class and among older students. But where is the meet? Zapátrat you in the waters of the Internet. The school web site or information systems are often set up ** ** discussion forum for bringing together students, but often there are also channels „unofficial“, which are deducted from the students themselves. And perhaps the best opportunity is to go with new classmates on the integration ** ** familiarization trip or meeting, unless the school organizes. Just you go to a new school easier, knowing that I know a few people there.

[* Students.jpg. (With the new friends you meet at the University of integration events (photo: stock.xchng)>] * *** With the new friends you meet at the University of integration events * (photo: stock. xchng) Unforgettable support during the initial orientation will also be a variety of guides and manuals for freshmen ** **. Will tell you about the organization of higher education, but also the possibilities of entertainment, accommodation and meals. Also available are mostly from the first week of the semester, but some schools are published on its website in electronic form.

Housing – start looking early

You can live both on campus and in private, each has its pros and cons, and prices are comparable, and sometimes it happens that your college is more expensive than the digs. ** ** The track is likely to appreciate the frequent contact with their peers, generally there is more vividly, the legendary college parties. Colleges, however, have different levels, some are equipped with good schools close at hand, a reliable Internet connection, social and sports rooms. On the other, however, you can literally wonder what all can live. Ask friends, Seek the experience of students on the internet, I find, as have the reputation and if you have a way around, try to see them go. The application for college then you mark where you would like to stay. The cards you play, the newly arrived students usually have priority over older ones.

The privates ** ** You can also encounter a variety of different price categories. Most of you will live with more people, and so, if you aim with more friends in the same city, there is nothing easier than to settle and find housing together. It pays to start as soon as possible, since the beginning of the bytes in the menu to disappear, it will be enough without working. Feel free to respond to as many bids, you will then have to choose from.

Working at the studio?

Change your mind, that you earn between lectures surprised that a crown? Even though the beginning was certainly preferable to fetch the first in school, nothing prevents that you. Map labor market through the internet servers offering Brigade zapátrejte the employment agencies which focus on students. If you start it during the holidays, you may have an advantage over other, and the brigade should get on since September.

Going abroad?

In the first year it's probably not make, it is only possible in case of emergency tender. In most cases, however, study abroad, arrange for up to one year in advance. So if you want to go in the first semester of second year, it is quite likely that applications will no longer make the beginning of your studies. You do not miss anything, check your dates for International Studies Centre set up at your university or college.

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