How to accredit the field in 10 steps Added:1.7. 2010
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How to accredit the field in 10 steps

It has the impression that the new courses created each year in this country as a conveyor belt. Applicants for the new field of study but not seen until the final icing on the cake. The so-called. field of accreditation is not a simple process. Do you have an idea what it takes?

1) good idea

It is a cliché when we say that every vydařenému project was preceded by an initial impulse – a good idea. He may have first-year students, as well as seasoned teachers. Create something that still was not something that will appeal to fresh graduates and it makes sense to exist as a university discipline, breeding science. It is important that such an idea did not remain only in the minds of their creators, but it spread further.

2) Good team

Promote the creation of a new branch is not a task for one person. The group of ten people have it but is capable of. If he finds such a „good bunch“, it is necessary to be officially represented by college staff teaching higher grades (at least associate professor). The more such workers to the area involved, the greater is the seriousness and scientific perspective.

3) For the first time the paper

It will bring together people with permanent vision – what next? At this stage, should start putting together the contents of the field, graduate profile, and the resulting employment list of articles that industry should include, with respect to it, to avoid covering the subjects of the department or faculty has taught. There is thus the first official document that explains the course content, opportunities for graduates, methodology, inclusion into the curriculum, the expected number of students and even the very purpose of establishing the new field. This initial document is very important because it serves as a fundamental basis for negotiating colleagues, faculty leadership, school leaders and can influence the future finances spent on the field.

4) political negotiations almost

Now is the time to ask some important questions: is the demand for such a field? Will anyone for it to happen? Where it is going faculty development? And what about the authorities of the school? Now is the period of negotiations with all who are new to the industry say. These observations and comments to help shape slowly and edit the original idea of ​​a viable project, although the authors sometimes must skillfully explain and preserve the original meaning to prevent the "dismantling of the idea. Growing number of enthusiasts, but perhaps even potential opponents. The result should be the substantive content of the field, graduate profile and a list of items that would be within the field they teach, including the signatures of those who teach courses in the warrant.

5) Úředničení

It is time to move beyond the boundaries of the home phase of the institute. Creator of the field take the form into the hands of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and begin to wade through the formulation, various boxes and questionnaires, which seems to have no end. Finally, infinite Form marathon is the need to get official signatures of all the people who were lecturing in the field. The aim is the central document that analyzes the field from almost all parties, a completed worksheet for each subject, and planned one sheet for each presenter (including his signature).

Teamwork is the basis for accreditation field trips …

6) wise heads get together

The situation is beginning to intensify. Above the design industry to meet the academic community (representatives of the departments, the study committee) and nearly final document is submitted to the Scientific Council.

7) I will go even higher?

This moment is really important. The Scientific Council will decide whether the document will be forwarded to the Ministry.

8) bug is found

Still, it is not won. The document must still go through the educational department is looking for any formal errors and weaknesses. On the other hand, acts as an invaluable check, which comes in a situation where creators are often already on the verge of their forces. The top may be discharged only perfection.

9) Dress rehearsal begins

So much patched and modified the document goes to the rector's office. They must then obtain a signature of the Dean, who joins a letter of accreditation. Then take the same rector. Journey to the Ministry finally worth anything in its path.

10) Those who wait …

All relevant documents duly completed and signed, is already on the desks of ministers and spiritual parents anxiously await the results. It may happen that the child will return the rejected. Then it would have to start from scratch. In the best case will be enough only for reprocessing. All but hope that the document be approved and come work it until now sacrifice not in vain. Paradoxically, if all goes well, start a new job and even greater, that training.

What you do not know about accreditation:

  • Accreditation field ** You must have an approved one year before the scheduled start ** (usually in September)
  • One of the biggest challenges may be coming up with appropriate ** name **, which will be enough, but a new study apart from others like him, and while attractive enough for high school graduates
  • The amount of financial support ** ** specific branch of the State, the so called normative, that the money be allocated in varying degrees to individual programs. Money is paid on the basis of teaching performance. If you just chalk boards and books, then the study funded by the normal amount. However, if the need for intensive implementation of technology or materials (such as sculptures), this amount can climb to almost six times.

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