The doors to the two branches FZS UP open until the end of July! Added:25.6. 2010
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The doors to the two branches FZS UP open until the end of July!

Faculty of Health Studies, University of Pardubice (FZS UPCE) opens the academic year 2010/2011, two new full-time undergraduate courses: Radiology Assistant ** ** ** and medical social worker **. Applications for both of them can be sent to the 30th ** July 2010 **.

Radiology Assistant Branch is listed under the heading of Specialisation in health care. Its graduates can be applied in various medical devices such as radiology inpatient wards and outpatient departments for radiotherapy departments or the departments of nuclear medicine (where it is still possible to study the field of Radiology assistant, you can learn such as „this article“: http:// / / article / comparison-field-radiological-assistant).

Study of Health and Social worker is eligible under the Health and Social Care. Graduates from this field can then be applied among others in inpatient health care facilities, institutional facilities for social care in clinics and community care, social and health care departments in the offices of state administration, non-governmental organizations providing social services, etc.

Admission to both disciplines will be held on the 30th ** August 2010 **. Entrance examinations for both of them are written test in biology, the field of Radiology assistant in addition also examine the knowledge of physics, and again in writing. Details of the admission process as announced by the field visit „FZS UPCE“:…alarske.html.

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