Most faculties at UJEP still accepting applications! Added:27.6. 2010
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Most faculties at UJEP still accepting applications!

** By ** Faculty of Environment University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem (UJEP) is still open for applicants undergraduate degree course in Environmental Protection ** ** (a form of study and part-time), which is listed in the program * * Ecology and Environmental Protection **, and ** undergraduate majors in Environmental Protection Industry ** (full-time students and combined) and ** Water ** (full-time students and combined) printed by the program under the auspices of Engineering ** Ecology **. In all these fields can be reported to the 27th ** August 2010 **. For more information, see „here“:…ijrizeni.php.

The second round of entrance exams announced the Arts **. ** Still open is a whole range of bachelor, master and doctoral courses (one-and two-field study), in which it can be reported to the 20th ** August 2010 **. For more information, see „here“:

Until the 23rd ** August 2010 ** report can also ** ** Faculty of Education, they are still available to dozens of undergraduate courses and graduate program. On his candidate is still awaiting a master's degree in a Bachelor of nenavazující – ** Teacher for 1st primary schools and English language **, which, as well as to many others, students will be accepted without entrance examinations. For more information, see „here“:

The Faculty of Science ** ** may be candidates for the study of certain disciplines one-and dvouoborového bachelor's, master's and doctoral students to report to the 22nd ** August 2010 **. For more information, see „here“:…lo-2010.html.

Just the 27th ** July 2010 ** will then be reported on a study program ** ** Specialization in health care, specifically in the field of full-time undergraduate Occupational Therapy ** **. Field lists ** **. Department of Health Studies For more information, see „here“:

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