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Two national professional conventions conducted by the University of Pardubice Added:25.6. 2010
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Two national professional conventions conducted by the University of Pardubice

Press news


** On 28 to 30 June will be held at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice 62nd Congress of Association of Czech and Slovak Chemical Societies .**

This year's expert meeting is organized by chemists at the 60th anniversary of the Higher Education Chemical in Pardubice, under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, prof. Ing. Peter Lošťák, MD.

The aim of the conference, which attracted more than 400 chemists, mostly from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is the presentation of research and development in the field of chemistry in the form of plenary lectures, lectures in the professional sections and the form of poster communication.

** The three-day marathon of lectures will be held in 12 sections ** with a focus on inorganic, organic, analytical, physical, industrial and food chemicals, other professional section will focus on natural substances, chemical education, industrial chemistry, thermal analysis and environmental engineering.

Plenary lectures will ** significant foreign chemical experts **, eg prof. Michael Graetzel in Switzerland (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Laboratoire de Photonique et Interfaces), prof. Josef Michl of the U.S. (University of Colorado), Professor. Jacques Lucas from France (University of Rennes), or Professor of German. Dr. Herbert W. Roesky (University of Göttingen) and prof. Helmut Cölfen (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam).

Two of them – Professor Josef Michl (1996) and Professor Jacques Lucas (2000) are among the fourteen celebrities who have been awarded for outstanding contribution to the development of education, science and scientific knowledge of the title „doctor honoris causa“, University of Pardubice (the honorary doctorate).

The congress will start on Monday 28 ** June at 14:00 pm in Auditorium Arnost of Pardubice (Lecture A1 **) in the presence of the Rector Professor, University of Pardubice. Miroslav Ludwig, Mayor of Pardubice Ing. Jaroslav Deml and other distinguished guests from the Czech and Slovak Chemical professional community. Part of an important meeting of chemists are many other supporting professional activities, such as: On Tuesday 29 June will take place * in the analytical section * seminar for young scientists, in the end will be the presence of the Japanese Embassy Consul Mr. Kenichi Kimi ** proclaimed ‚PRICES Shimadzu 2010‘ **. It is already the 12th annual competition for the same company, the goal is to motivate young chemists – researchers in the Czech and Slovak Republic on scientific and research activities. Shimadzu Company, producing the widest range of instruments for instrumental analytics, testing of materials and so-called „life sciences“, has been involved since 1875 in solving scientific problems, not only in Japan but around the world and supports the development of science at university departments, including the Czech Republic.

On Wednesday 30 June will take place * in the next section, professional – on nanotechnology * scientific seminar for young researchers called ** „International Days of Material Science 2010“ ** which is organized in the popularization of science and research project „TEAM CMV“ supported by Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness.

** On Wednesday will be at the end of the professional part of the Congress announced the winners of the best poster communication ** – expert presentations of scientific research results and research facilities of chemical congress participants.

More information about the event is available at

  • Further information about the convention: *

prof. Ing. Thomas Wagner, MD.

Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice

Phone 466 037 144, mobile 724 905 425


The accompanying program of the 62nd Congress of Czech and Slovak Association of Chemical Societies in the meeting room will be the Dean's Office Faculty of Chemical Technology, held on 28 ** June-1 July sales exhibition of foreign literature under the name ** ** "SCIENTIFIC BOOKS FOR PROFESSIONALS & STUDENTS '.**

The exhibition is organized by the University Library, University of Pardubice, in collaboration with Small Center bookstore. The exhibition will present a number of major publishers of professional and scientific literature from around the world and be exposed to more than a thousand titles of publications in the total value of around 3 million CZK.

The most interesting news this year, every year on the grounds of the University of Pardubice organized, the exhibition includes ten-publication from Elsevier – Comprehensive Natural Products II: Chemistry and Biology, four-part set of Corrosion Shreir's from the same publisher or a three-part Handbook of Technology Management from Wiley.

The exhibition is on sale and the immediate purchase – order issued titles will be provided with attractive discounts.

  • Further information and contact: *

Mgr. Iva Prochásková

Head of University Library University of Pardubice

Phone 466 036 546

3 / CZECH NATIONAL UNITY CONGRESS Mathematics and Physics in the SPA Bohdaneč

** On 28 to 30 June meet in a hotel in Spa Technician Bohdaneč HUNDREDS Mathematics and Physics in the National Congress of Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists .** Co-Congress in Pardubice and the University branch of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists (JČMF) in Pardubice.

JČMF congress is held every four years, evaluates the activities JČMF for the past year, elect a chairman and a new committee and announces plan of action for the next four years. The program is in addition to the lectures, discussions and actions of social character.

The JČMF work four specialized sections: Czech Mathematical Society, Czech Physical Society, Society of Teachers of Mathematics and Physics Teaching Section. In many large cities of Pardubice, Czech Republic, including operating subsidiaries, which organize activities JČMF at regional level. Unity publishes or participates in the publishing of several professional journals, publishes and promotes the issue of professional publications, collaborates in the preparation of mathematics and physics textbooks and organizes conferences and seminars on mathematics and physics, their history and teachings.

JČMF one of the oldest learned societies existing in the Czech Republic and the oldest of its kind in Europe. It originated as a loose association of lectures in mathematics and physics who in 1862 founded the Faculty of Arts students of the University of Prague. Its activities are focused from the outset to improve the teaching of mathematics and physics at schools of all types and levels and the promotion and development of these sciences.

National Congress of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and physicists will begin on Monday 28 June at 13:00 at the Spa Technician Bohdaneč.

Patronage of the Congress took over the captain of the Pardubice Region Mgr. Radko Martinek and Rector Professor, University of Pardubice. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig, MD.

  • More information and contact UPa: *

RNDr. Libor Koudela

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Economics and Administration

Phone 466 036 451, mobile 777 220 038

** Ing. Valerie Wágnerová **

Chancellor – spokesman for the University of Pardubice

Phone 466 036 555


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