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The exotic touch of study at FEEC Added:28.6. 2010
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The exotic touch of study at FEEC

Press news

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (FEEC), Brno University of Technology has a long-term cooperation with foreign universities from around the world. One of the main partner countries are Syria, the countries of the Middle East to Brno sends dozens of students and academic staff.

He is currently studying or working at FEEC nearly 40 people from Syria. To understand the benefits of studying in the CR for foreign students, we carried out an interview with one of the most talented students of Syrian ** Ing. Rami Deeb **, which operates on the ** Department of Power Electrical and Electronics **. Student speaking four languages ​​of the world, to almost perfect Czech spoke about the specifics of life and attractions in the country. Interview accompanied by smiles, good mood and undisguised enthusiasm for life and study at FEEC.

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** Why have you chosen for study was the CR? **

Since I could not on its parent university in Latakia started a PhD program, as we have it, I started looking for alternatives. And since your faculty has a good name both in Syria and also in Europe, where I have lots of friends, I decided just to Brno. In addition, all of us say it is beautiful here and there are wonderful people. I wanted to know.

** How long do you study in Brno? **

The road is still long, since I know that I will still take at least another 3 years.

** Visiting during this study and hard work? **

Yes, after the first year I will be offered the cooperation of the faculty, for which I am very grateful. So far, I have helped students prepare a variety of materials, and I helped to write articles. Besides, I rode with other colleagues on the conference and of course I worked hard on his dissertation.

** You have had some practice in a private company for the time, what are you studying? **

Meanwhile, unfortunately, not completely dedicate their work, but I'd like to try it at Siemens. It is a company in the field and I would like to improve there, and in the future work.

** Do you speak Czech beautifully, how come? It's a complicated language for you? **

Thank you, and very unfortunately, but I have to try some of the tests are in Czech, but if I can squeeze all they can speak English with me for giving them very much.

  • Rami studying in Czech language. Lectures and tutorials are in Czech. As a rule, the first language is Czech, not a problem or explain everything in English.

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** If you are any classmates or friends from Syria? **

A few of them here, but unfortunately there are not many. And it is men rather than women. In addition, the Czechs are also very attractive. (Smile)

** Where do you see the differences between studies in Syria and here in Brno? **

The differences are large, as distance, culture, language, religion, and the quality of facilities and the opportunity to try everything in practice. Everything is determined by the quality of facilities, laboratories, new degree programs. After all, I am one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Certainly it is also accommodation. I find there but a lot of the same characters. In Syria also studied all together, no differences between girls or men. The biggest problems I had at the beginning of the CR studies – new environment, language. A particularly cold. (Smile) I went in the winter also, so it was really hard.

** Studying first year of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, do you think that then you will find easy to use in practice? **

Yes, I think that women are after has to complete such a demanding field ready, even better than where what a man. The labor market is definitely easier then. In addition, after studying at FIT is not afraid of almost no one that could not find work.

** Do you fear even now when you go to trial? **

Yes, quite often. But I must say that I need to understand and describe it. Both Czech and English. All are great and try to help me. Tests are not something tricky and can be managed, just like the student.

** The study of CR in heavier than in Syria? **

Unfortunately I have to admit that, yes. Firstly, because of language, second, the higher the education level of more specialized information. That is why so many try and dedicate a lot to do. Quite often I try to explore, and if you need help or advice, I get it. In addition, the opportunity to meet with news and trends, there is far greater.

** If you should recommend to your friends studying at FIT, what would they say? **

Let's definitely try, there are more options, it's worth it. High quality, modern faculty, many new and interesting. Great people, different traditions, different life.

** If you do not study, love what you do in your spare time? **

I prefer to travel. I prefer to Prague and Brno. This is very interesting. Combines the culture, sights and nature. You have a very nice, I often like to ride to Slovakia.

** Do you like sports? **

She likes to run. I love I run. With friends like to walk. Brno has an interesting solution to green, it's still where you relax, or go somewhere to pass. I love bowling with friends, that I even learned to play here. Surrounding campus and dormitory are also magical. With colleagues from the Institute of sport often go to the gym or sports facility BUT where to find all students and employees everything they want.

** Do you like summer or winter? **

(Smile) I saw snow for the first time here. I was a terrible cold and I missed our sun. Now it's better to know where to go shopping, I unfrozen.

** So, skis or snowboard is not foreign to you? **

Meanwhile, yes, but I want to learn it as soon as possible. All friends are envious of how experiences of these sports.

** You're rooting for the Czech hockey players? **

Yes rooting for, we went with classmates and co-workers in pubs. But the worst was when I came to the finals in the room and my Russian roommate was very sad. (Smile) Do you know any historical places, or events from CR? Yes, I love the historical part of Prague and I was at Karlstejn.

** Where do you live actually in Brno? **

I live in the dormitories where we have a special block for foreign students here we meet with different cultures. I love it there and I do not miss anything. I was also offered to private life, but I chose the cosiness of tracks.

** What you see in Brno? **

In the center of Brno Brno most, I was on a trip to Moravian Karst (caves, Abyss), the zoo and going to other places this summer.

** What are your favorite places in Brno? **

I love all of Brno, a center of us. Liberty, Petrov, too much of a dam, there are beautiful forests. I love to go there for walks. I like the noise and people around. Certainly colleges, parks and student club TARGETS. Mainly I like your tradition.

** What food? Do you have any favorite traditional Czech food? **

I must admit that at first I had big problems to get used to. In particular, I miss our typical bread, but such a roll is not bad. The Czech dishes I prefer carp, pie, smoked cheese.

** So, the traditional Czech beer is one of your favorite drinks? **

Yes it is great, it's your jewel, indeed, like your history and nature, I love it here. You are best at it.

** Who are you according to the Czechs and Brňáci? **

You are wonderful people, very, very nice. At the beginning I was very afraid because I was the first family away from home. I really have all helped, and even help. Your best qualities are that you are nice, open, friendly. Are you interested in new things.

** What is your favorite music? **

We have a slower and more orientálnější music here is faster and harder. I like serious classical music. And I know that your Nightingale – Karel Gott.

** How many times have you been at home during your studies? **

I was once a home for Christmas last year, now it's quite expensive in the summer, but I'm still with my family in electronic contact – every day. The Internet is great and solves all my problems, because the contact via the internet is much faster and cheaper. It is a great advantage of modern life in Brno – the Internet, ATMs, transport. I love modern life here.

** Stay in Brno after the completion of doctoral studies? **

I'll be home, but still it is far away. So far I really like it here, Czechs are great, I have excellent trainers (Prof. Aubrecht), colleagues and all the people in my department. It is true that people are good at tests. I have now reason to go anywhere.

** Thank you for your time and answers .**

Information about the faculty:

Electrotechnical disciplines were first at the University of Technology, BUT the first time already in 1905. Since 1959, when it was founded as an independent faculty of energy, which later transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has successfully completed engineering studies at our faculty of over 23 000 graduates. In 2001 the present name of Science – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (FIT) and a year later acquired the accreditation of new modern-ranging study programs in a structured study. The faculty has more than 4,400 students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. Studying at the faculty is focused on a wide range of scientific areas: control technology and robotics, biomedical engineering, power engineering and electronics, electrotechnology and electronics, microelectronics, and Radioelectronics Teleinformatics.

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Public Relations Manager

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication


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