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It is said that the Czechs are a nation of cottage owners and cottagers. And what would it be a cottage, had not welcomed its guests beautifully landscaped garden and if somewhere in the corner neukrývala ripened tomato or carrot least. But the disciplines devoted to gardening, to offer both our agricultural universities, show that the area of ​​study extends gardening and „own backyard“. What all has this kind of study involve?

Areas of study === === Among the subjects affecting the horticulture include those that focus on creating a garden (the most commonly found under the name of gardening, garden architecture, engineering, or a garden ornamental horticulture), the other dealing with the economic aspect of production and maintenance and other horticultural commodities are again more closely engaged quality control of agricultural products, viticulture, or even lawns.

Where to study horticulture === === Perhaps not surprisingly, that these fields can only look at us on agronomic universities – offered by the Czech University of Agriculture (CUA) and the Mendel University in Brno (Mendel). The CUA provides these fields Agrobiology Faculty, Food and Natural Resources, in its horticulture program, and even then peripherally Programme Agriculture, Horticulture and Rural Development. Mendel is opening in its Faculty of Horticulture, and programs in Landscape Architecture, Horticultural Engineering, Horticulture and Horticultural Technology.

Fields of study === === The programs outlined above, it is obvious that they specialize in a wide range of activities that are associated with gardening.

In the field of horticulture ** ** in both universities to educate students in particular in the fields of botany, agricultural chemistry, agricultural engineering, nutrition and fertilization of horticultural crops and other horticultural sectors (from the florist over the fruit and vegetable production to cultivation of ornamental plants and functional). Failure is neither the implementation of market garden produce. Very close to this sector is also a field of production and ornamental horticulture printed by the CUA in the program ** Agriculture, Horticulture and Rural Development **.

Lawn and Turf Field ** ** dumped in the Horticulture program is more specialized and offer students training in the design, creation and production of ornamental, hřišťových, landscape and other technical lawns or grassland mimoprodukčními functions. Bypassing there is not a pest, economics, management and work with modern horticultural technology, etc.

The specialized field ** is also a garden and landscaping **, which concentrates on the possibilities for changing the private, public and green landscape, cultivation and subsequent application of nursery plants and flowers for the implementation of the settlement and landscape vegetation, the technical side of editing and maintenance of public areas green, etc. Also included is the area of ​​horticultural research, education and heritage preservation of the monuments of garden art.

Primarily on the economic evaluation of horticultural commodities and services associated with their application and subsequent maintenance study focuses ** **. Enterprise in Horticulture

As already stated, numerous courses on gardening offers Brno Mendel. In addition to courses ** Gardening ** or ** Landscape ** formation, which is close to content as described above fields, offering local Horticulture as well as other interesting and very specialized fields: ** Management and garden landscaping **, ** The quality of plant food sources or field ** ** **. Viticulture and winemaking

* University of Glasgow offers a branch dedicated to wine (photo: stock.xchng) *

Gardening, however, also affect many other fields in those faculties, although it may not be directly targeted.

For most undergraduate courses offered to build a two-year Master's courses that are completed by winning the title Ing. Display / are either the same name or content are very close Bachelor field. A Bachelor degree Moreover, due to its greater specialization can be a precursor to several undergraduate majors, where students already trained in specific areas. Many courses offer the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies even cycle.

Admission tests === === Applicants of any of the above undergraduate courses at CUA frequently encounter the entrance examination in biology. Only in the field of Production Engineering and ornamental adds further examination in chemistry.

The study subjects of horticulture, viticulture and wine making and quality of plant food sources of Horticulture faculty Mendel, candidates are admitted without entrance test is taken into account only average marks from education to high school graduation and classification. The admission procedure for study of undergraduate fields of landscape architecture and garden management, and landscaping is a test of general knowledge of visual arts (architecture, sculpture, painting), a test field of biology and landscape architecture additionally aptitude test.

Graduates === === With the spread of areas outlined above, the way can take the study of horticulture, also governs a wide range of applications. Of course, while it always depends on the field. Generally it can be said that the graduates of bachelor programs are applied mainly in the lower and middle management and professional positions in the horticultural operation in horticultural advisory services and specialized institutions (garden plant breeding, seed …) under control and inspection bodies, the horticultural research and education, etc. ‚technical‘ fields in turn lead their graduates to work in editing and maintenance of green and garden areas, the „economical“ the students are educated in their operational and organizational skills in working with horticultural products and services and all in all, what associated with the successful operation of horticultural enterprise.

Useful links === === „Horticulture“: Mendel University of Agriculture in Brno „Faculty Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources“: Czech Agricultural University in Prague

Source: websites of individual faculties

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