The Special Branch: Being a Master's or master? Teaching of practical field Added:8.7. 2010
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The Special Branch: Being a Master's or master? Teaching of practical field

You are proficient in the craft, but you do not like to work "under someone? Can you imagine that you have led a group of people to common tangible results? In other words: Have you become a master or Master's, but do not know how it achieve? It will be determined by this study.

Contents === === study Teaching of practical field (the names may be at different universities differ slightly) is designed for graduates of specialized secondary schools, secondary, who are considering a qualified teaching professional training. These schools may be targeted in different ways, whether in engineering, construction, engineering, or food, forestry, horticulture or services (eg, fall upon the waiter / waitress). Graduates of bachelor program (Master's studies are not realized) gain relevant professional qualifications.

Subjects === === Although the content of study at the individual schools may not be the same everywhere, you can expect a similar system. Probably in the course of the study will have to undergo a general foundation courses (eg, didactics, law, psychology), which are common to most teaching fields. Special Subjects will then be sure to touch the sphere of teaching (eg, school management, social education), psychology (eg communication) and Education (eg, hygiene, safety). An essential part of the study are also practitioners. To illustrate, you can see the "Curriculum: Curriculum:…/OP3_BP.html field at the Faculty of Masaryk University.

Where can you study

In the Czech Republic, you can choose from six sites, where the Teacher can be a practical field study. University of Hradec Králové offers the program of study for the Specialization in Pedagogy at the Faculty only in combined form. Similarly, this study draws Palacky University in Olomouc. Full-time and offers practical lessons Teacher training and the University of West Bohemia. Full-time study allows the Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Education. Teacher education and practical training also offers the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies at the Technical University in Prague, and both full. This study is free. Mendel University in Brno study carried out in the framework of lifelong education of teachers, both full, the price of the whole course is about 13.500, – CZK. Links to websites of individual faculties can be found below.

Construction is one of the areas to which the study can focus

Graduates === === Graduates of this field is eligible for practical training and vocational training as part of its focus on secondary vocational schools, vocational schools and special schools. Graduates will be educated in terms of educational, psychological, educational and professional.

Admissions === === Admission varies by type of study. The Mendel University is enough to establish training and pay half tuition. It is experience (the personal portfolio) are assessed points after the adoption of decisions. To receive the Masaryk University in Brno just pass a test study assumptions (TSP), a similar test just to UP Olomouc. UWB holds two entrance exam. In the first round of written notes to the general orientation in the humanities, the second round of oral examines the motivation for the study area. We recommend always follow the latest information specific faculty.

More information

„Practical Overview of the categories“:…oru/vysledky?… C4% 8Ditelstv% C3% AD +% C3% practical A9ho Mobilisation% +% C4% C3% 8Dov A1n% C3% AD + and + professional% C3% A9ho + V% C3% BDcviku & view = Study „Mendel University“:…pv/spv_upvov „Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies“:… „Palacky University“:…dijni-obory/?… 5BshowUid%% 5D = 623 & cHash = aa40307534a21­3424c382473dda18ec9 „West University“:…r/index.html?… „Masaryk University“:…/OP3_BP.html

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