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Five questions for ... Olga Sommerová Added:5.7. 2010
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Five questions for ... Olga Sommerová

Until somewhere in the hundred we stopped, we would like to count the work of Olga Sommer, pretty lady, whose eyes through the viewfinder cameras record human suffering and joy, and life path. Documents spins, covering themes of interpersonal relationships, social, Czech political history, feminism and the fates of famous celebrities and ordinary. His films won over thirty awards from national and international festivals. His experience with others students of film schools. Today is dedicated to making documentary films mainly for Czech television, sit on juries of film festivals. What it meant for student life and how experienced?

** What college did you study and why you chose her? ** I studied documentary film at FAMU. It was probably the only field to which I had, without my knowing it in advance, kind disposition. Later I found out I was charged a desire to express their views on the world through the fact filmed on film. My decision to go to school was not originally mine. A friend told me one day – go to study at FAMU! So I went. It was there, and a thousand times later, I realized that it was crucial decisions of my life.

[* Olga-detail.jpg>] ** What you could study at a university in terms of your current profession? ** From the professional point of view I study at FAMU, many could not. At the beginning of the seventies were depressed from school dumped almost all the great personalities who established themselves there during the sixties. My student life was to communicate with classmates, the possibility to look at the feature and documentary films, then the Cafe Slavia in these discussions. FAMU has been hopeless in those years the island of freedom, I realized even then. That is why for me was this seemingly fruitless time critical stage of my life. His Alma Mater we love famáci. So I was there in the early nineties, returned as a lecturer and later head of the department of documentary film. The real film school I attended after graduating as a private pupil of her husband Jan Spata, director and cameraman. A real studio for me but the filmmaking itself, I learned by doing. I paraphrase Comenius – shooting movies, I learned to shoot movies.

** If you could choose again today, what would you study and where? She chose you as an opportunity to study abroad? ** I again studied at FAMU in Prague. The study abroad would probably not go because FAMU was renowned as one of the best film schools in the world. Among other things, because they allow, unlike other foreign schools, practical training. The money that the students were making movies, and quite long on expensive film material. I wish the time the student did not want to leave Prague, socially, culturally interesting and inspiring.

[* Olga.jpg <] ** What do you recall when you say „student life“? ** It is time that is given to us for us to have sought and found each other, we sucked as much knowledge, I do not školometského, but that it offers a cultural center, which is Prague. And it's time to absorb information, eager, friendly and collegial relationships, dating and dreaming about the future. Ultimately, I too unbound Neužil student life, in the fourth year I got married, got pregnant and on graduation I have gone as a mother of one-year son.

** What you sent word to those who wish to report on the field that you studied, or. considering similar professional career? ** I agree with the famous Russian actor Smoktunovským, who said that „talent is the increased level of diligence.“ Talent and desire to speak out to the world's engine, which gives us power to overcome obstacles to the distressful professional career. Those who want to become a documentary film must have a desire to rush to tell their opinion and perception of touching and absurd situations of life. And second, it must have a flair for the dramatic form, which must be a documentary. It must also be able to think and be the owner of conscience. The famous documentary film theorist John Grierson wrote: A documentary film is a service humanity and democracy. It follows that adept at the profession must be a humanist and democrat, possessing the courage to fight for the rights of the offended and humiliated.

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