Mendel University offers specialized study Business Valuation Added:1.7. 2010
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Mendel University offers specialized study Business Valuation

The lifelong learning program opens Mendel University in Brno branch **. ** Business Valuation The aim is to deepen and broaden the knowledge of experts so that they can competently evaluate business including its assets. The study, however, is determined not only practitioners, but also current students or recent graduates.

In the curriculum, students will meet with economic and legal subjects. Business Valuation is studying for two years and accompanies it with a traditional academic studies and examinations by a board credits and the final exam, including the defense of a thesis. Will be launched in October 2010, when a sufficient number of applicants. The study will be combined in the form of lectures and seminars on the weekends once every three weeks.

Tuition is 36 000 CZK, students then 32 000 CZK. Graduates receive a certificate of completion of specialized study and valuation of the company are entitled to set up a trade under the Trade Act. For more information, see „here“:…vani_podniku.


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