System MU won Plagiarism and internationally Added:2.7. 2010
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System MU won Plagiarism and internationally

Winning the international competition in the software detect plagiarism this year took a team of Masaryk University. Software developed by experts from the Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University was able to detect the largest number opsaných passages, which, together with other excellent results in the competition earned first place overall in the competition with 17 other teams from around the world.

„The algorithm used to detect plagiarism in theses repository system and Plagiarism in the seminar works,“ said project leader Michael Brandeis Faculty of Science, Masaryk University. Since 2006, the program is to detect similarities also part of the Information System of Masaryk University. Powered by a further 30 schools.

Last year in the same competition won second place system. „We made many changes and improvements, which is probably the most significant detection opsaných passages from foreign sources,“ said John Kasprzak from the development team. Informatica is also focused on the exclusion of similar, but not opsaných, parts of the text, such as a colophon, preface, and others. The last big news is the addition of experimental support for internal plagiarism detection, where the aim is only to find the suspect document copied passages such as by detecting changes in the style of writing.

Source: Press release MU

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