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Lecture Colloquium Faculty of Arts students and faculty of the University of Pardubice restoration Added:2.7. 2010
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Lecture Colloquium Faculty of Arts students and faculty of the University of Pardubice restoration

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On Friday 2 July (at 14:00) will be held in the chapel. John of Nepomuk in the town of Jicin Bukvice lecture colloquium results of research students at the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of University of Pardubice restoration in cooperation with the association of municipalities Marian garden.

Student cooperation and research has been ongoing for a year and is focused on the sights and history of the Marian gardens, micro-associations of municipalities, which are located southwest of Jicin in the territory Baroque landscape composed mainly created during the 18th century on the former estate Schlick, where the number of architecturally valuable buildings and a large number of small monuments.

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The student colloquium lecture for its organizers Mgr. Stráníková John explains:

  • "Our research is based on the cooperation of students of history Pardubice Faculty of Arts and students of the Faculty of Litomyšl restoration restoration, who in the area of ​​research focus on Marian garden. Together and also with regard to different conceptions of disciplines that study and want to contribute to the knowledge of the history of the region and its sights.

While student-conservators examine the state of monuments in the field, students are devoted to exploring the history of archival sources, which seek not only information on the fate of individual monuments, but also the history of the region. Last year we focused on the area around the village Veliš (Bukvice, Chyjice, Kostelec, Křelina, Podhradí, Střevač, Veliš, Vesec). Students of the Faculty of restoration carried out a survey of small monuments in the field (chapels, statues, crosses) and created documentation for these monuments, which highlighted the damage to the works, material degradation and its causes, the objects measured, identified later changes and additions to the sights, etc. Their colleagues Faculty of Arts explored a number of sources on the history of the area and focused mainly on the parish chronicle of Veliš from 19th and 20 century. The first result of mutual cooperation of students of both faculties is the publication that contains a series chronicles velišské parish and also a description of the current state of monuments in the territory of the former velišské parishes. "*

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Student colloquium Listeners can look forward to focusing on selected topics from Veliš sights and surroundings at present, in history, such as dealing with the status of monuments in the 19th and 20 century, the personality of Franz Alois Vacek, a former kopidlnského priest who lived in the 19th century, and devoted himself to research the history of the region.

Lecture Colloquium is implemented under the project Upgrading curricula Historical Sciences Faculty of Arts and Fine Arts Faculty, University of Pardubice restoration financed by the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness (solved under number CZ.1.07/2.2.00/07­.0188).

Lecture Colloquium is open to the public and admission is free.

  • More information on the colloquium: *

** Mgr. John Stráníková **

Institute of Historical Sciences Faculty of Arts

Phone 461 036 691, mobile 725 153 626

** Ing. Valerie Wágnerová **, Chancellor – University of Pardubice spokesman

Phone 466 036 555, e-mail

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