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Volunteering or how to benefit themselves and others Added:16.7. 2010
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Volunteering or how to benefit themselves and others

Have you ever thought that you would use your powers for necessary? Would you like to collect valuable experience for our borders and do you mind the fact that so you will not receive huge amounts of money? Then You might throw some useful information about how to become a volunteer and what to expect.

=== What is volunteering

Forms of volunteering are numerous. It can be everything from cleaning the park in your area through assistance to the elderly, donating blood to be the entrance to the local volunteer firemen. In short, all the while you get the money (and if so, there are few), but what may benefit particular individuals or peaceful coexistence in general. Can assist but not at the local level, many young volunteers often help set off the „next door.“ And the volunteer projects abroad ** ** will now turn.

Volunteer work. And what for?

Volunteers are an integral part of international aid, not just the humanitarian or development. The reward for helping them irreplaceable experience, the chance to learn a strange land and culture, excellent opportunity to improve foreign language and meet new people. Finally, these projects are a way to literally „on the ground“ to test his own abilities, strength and ultimately resistance. What's more, such as the European Voluntary Service (see below), each volunteer has the right to obtain a passport youth demonstrating acquired skills acquired while working abroad and can thus become a valuable item on your CV (for more information, visit Youthpass „this site“: Projects for which the volunteer event organized by the various kinds – volunteers under them to help in areas such as ecology ** ** and ** Culture ** ** ** care when working with youth ** ** etc.. In any case, however, to work for ** non-profit or government (ie, non-commercial) organization **.

Who can participate

The advantage of volunteer projects is that the majority of applicants require excellent language skills (although some basic knowledge of English or another foreign language as the target country is welcome) and no formal education. However, it is true that all of this together with previous experience may have an effect on why the project for you you just selected. Very important is also your motivation and particularly careful consideration to whether the volunteer job for you indeed the right thing. The volunteer projects can involve people usually aged between 18 ** and 30 ** exceptionally ** people over 16 years **. Some projects may participate under certain conditions, young people with disabilities ** **.

=== How much does it cost

Conditions for the content of individual programs can vary from each other, but mostly paid in exchange for your help nehonorovanou ** ** ** provided to you free ** accommodation, meals, insurance and other small additional cost. Some projects, particularly those dlouhoudobé, after all is counted by some pocket money, although even then it usually goes to cover basic needs. The vast majority of organizations are requiring applicants to pay an entry fee, which ranges roughly between 1000 ** and 3000 crowns **.

Volunteering in Europe === === One of the most famous institution, which provides volunteer projects here is ** ** European Voluntary Service (EVS). The sub-projects under way at nonprofit organizations in various European countries (including all EU and EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), in Turkey, as well as Ukraine, Russia and the countries of former Yugoslavia), from two months after one year.

  • ** How To **

Of course you can not travel easily. First, you must contact the sending organization called ** ** to help you arrange everything essential. Through it you can also choose a specific project, which in turn host an umbrella organization called ** **. That you then send your CV, covering letter and possibly other documents, and if you both agree on the organization of your posting and you will get the grant (the grant is to hear five times a year), you can start packing. However, you can go more than three months after the application deadline, respectively. grant approval. The grant is paid volunteers journey there and back, accommodation, meals, pocket money and any insurance. Accommodation, decent working conditions, as well as language or other task-related assistance to the volunteer, provides the host organization. More information about the European Voluntary Service, see: „www.mladezvak­“:…volna-sluzba

Volunteering === === in non-European countries Not only the European countries is aimed Association ** INEX – SDA **, which provides volunteer projects lasting from one month to one year. More on: „“:…-v-zahranici

In the distant regions (eg, Japan, Nigeria, Canada, USA and Sri Lanka), you can get through the organization ** Rainbow **, which provides us with projects in cooperation with an international network of the International Civil Service ** ** (" „: More on: "www.trochuji­“: / en / on-off long-/ long-term-volunteering

** Also, through the National Focal Point for Cooperation with the UN Volunteers **, which is a Czech point of contact ** ** United Nations Volunteers (UNV) to participate in various volunteer projects, especially developing countries. Candidates to participate in volunteer projects must be at least 25 years (internship program, the minimum age contingent upon completion of university studies and the maximum limit is 30 years old), you would get it over with 3–5 years experience (internship program and a peaceful and humanitarian Mission just 1–3 years) and must control at least one of the required languages. But he would meet other prescribed conditions, which generally point to his readiness and ability to stay – and especially work – in the difficult living conditions. Projects under the UNV program lasts from three months to one year with possibility of extension. More on: „www.polytechna­.eu“:…volniku-osn/

Useful links === === In addition to the above you can find useful information about volunteering abroad at the following sites:

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