COMPARISON OF COURSES: Management of Culture (undergraduate courses) Added:14.7. 2010
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Management of Culture (undergraduate courses)

While the cultural manager? How can education and training? They are important creative marketing skills or personal relationship to art? These questions are different ways of trying to answer the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, Brno Academy of Performing Arts and the Prague School of Economics, which offers bachelor's degree course in dealing with the cultural management. Because today is not only important to the quality of the artwork, but also well um its „sell“.

In this special you will find an overview of undergraduate courses dealing with cultural management. In the Czech Republic and master's courses offered by the study of cultural management students of aesthetics, art history and history of theater and film.

Academy of Performing Arts – Department of Production – Production Study

** Course characteristics: ** The study provides knowledge of economics, law, marketing, management and languages ​​and the emphasis is placed on theory and history of the theater. Students will gain knowledge of the theory of public relations, media, printing, journalism, fundraising, etc. The practical part of teaching is mainly concentrated in the second year and is associated with the theater DISK, students also participate in the production of the Theatre Festival of students of art universities ZLOMVAZ.

** Entrance Exams ** exams will be held in three playoff rounds in the course of one to two months. They consist of a written test of general knowledge and English (first round), followed by a written project processing and consideration within the time limit (second round) and an oral interview (third round). English exam may be substituted for the test from another language.

** The chances of adoption: ** The annual Department takes twelve to thirteen applicants. Logged were 83 students.

** For more information: **…dra-produkce

FAMU – Department of Production – Production Study

** Course characteristics: ** The field is to educate academically and professionally trained experts in all levels of management and organizational work in the actual production of all types of audiovisual works including his work in managerial and organizational components in the various fields of arts and culture. Emphasis is placed on teaching in addition to legal and economic framework of production theory to handle all phases of the film.

** Entrance Exams ** Entrance exam is two: The first round of candidates pass the written tests: firstly, general cultural knowledge (the area of ​​film and television problems, basic economic concepts, logical judgment ability, independent thinking, decision making, observation and orientation of the total applicants) , second language test (it can be completed from a language other than English) and math tests at school knowledge. The second round consists of written assignments according to the particular assignment and an oral interview.

** The chances of adoption: ** The year is taken around ten contenders.

** For more information: **…-produkce-kp

Academy of Music == – Department of Music Theory and History – Study Music Management ==

** Course characteristics: ** Students will learn the principles of economics and management, fundraising, grants and marketing, graduate seminars in music history and music criticism and dramaturgy. Branch should prepare for a career produdenty able, managers, managers of institutions of cultural institutions.

Entrance Exams ** ** All candidates in the Faculty of Music are required to pass an oral examination in music history, theory of harmony and music history.

** The chances of adoption: ** On the whole faculty of all disciplines to collectively take about a hundred applicants. The Faculty has approximately thirty subjects, not all are opened annually.

** For more information: **…obory-studia

University – Faculty of Business Administration – Study Arts Management

** Course characteristics: ** Because this is a study in an accredited school of economics, the study focuses mainly on law, language and management in the public and regional authorities. Closer links with the practice is supposed to the master's level.

** Entrance Exams ** Admission includes two tests: the general knowledge and English language. Both will take up to 60 minutes and from each test can reach up to 100 points. Appointments may be only one candidate, which of each of the tests reaches min. half points. Framework containing the test substance is at the state high school graduation. Test of general knowledge (foundations of culture, art and logical thinking) has shown interest in the chosen field.

** The chances of adoption: ** Faculty of the year receives around 100 applicants.

** For more information: **…-management/

Faculty of Music Theatre – Studio Theatre Stage Management and Technology – Study Theatrical Management

Course characteristics: Study prepared by theater managers at middle management positions in the theaters. Graduates should be able to work independently in their own agencies, have knowledge about the management of working groups and departments in the theater and a comprehensive overview of the theatrical field. The study is a cultural organization in an internship as an undergraduate performance. The organization is selected by the focus of their thesis.

Entrance Exams: Two-wheel admissions tests uchazečův cultural and managerial capability of thinking: logical reasoning ability, in the second round is expected written work motivation, good knowledge of English, in view of economics, sociology and psychology.

The chances of admission: The festival is taken about ten students.

Further information:…/admajt.html

Music Faculty of Music – Department of Opera and Music Management – Study Music Management

== ** Course characteristics: ** Thanks to the connection with the field opera directing students in addition to management courses at managerially oriented and practical courses in choreography and work with the actor.

** Admission ** Applicants undergo a written test in the history of culture and foreign language (English, German) at school-leaving examination included verification of knowledge is a short dialogue. Furthermore, in writing and prepared their own concept of music and music-drama project with emphasis on its ideological content and site, this project will be defending the oral interview. The interview is a conversation over the orientation of contemporary Czech and world music culture and check knowledge in sociology, psychology, home economics and music theory. An application to study the characteristics of learning motivation, at a maximum range of one page A4. Each of the above parts aptitude test is evaluated separately. Language test consists of 30%, general knowledge test consists of 20% in writing and concept development and its oral defense and interview accounts for 50% of the total evaluation.

** The chances of adoption: ** The annual Faculty receives five contenders.

** For more information: **…zerstvi.html

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