The Special Branch: Vietnamese Added:19.7. 2010
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The Special Branch: Vietnamese

If someone wants to learn English, perhaps he can choose from dozens of schools. Similarly, it is with French, German or Spanish. Selection has even if he wants to study more exotic language such as the Greek, Latin, or even Japanese. But where did the Czech student on campus to learn Vietnamese?

Vietnamese are the Ukrainians and Slovaks largest foreign nationality in the Czech Republic. Gone are the times when they were the embodiment of smiling vendors tracksuits, who could not speak Czech. Vietnamese students are gaining more and more school diplomas for outstanding achievements and become the doers of them with economic potential. Additionally, Vietnam has its own specific and not uninteresting culture, we carry some Vietnamese Czech transferred here that are worth understanding. Try to understand the minority that has a chance to get to the Czech elite may be a practical step to improve their own careers. How is learning Vietnamese?

** Filling Mode: **

Since it is a discipline involving a Vietnamese ethnology studies, students expect, apart from language seminars and anthropologically oriented seminars. Along with mastering grammar, phonetics and translations will become acquainted with the knowledge of philosophy, folklore and history of Central Asia.

** Type of study: **

The three-year full-time undergraduate studies offered by Charles University is the only form of academic study Vietnamese on Czech soil. Master's degree courses have not yet, unfortunately, the department offers, but three years of study should adequately prepare students for practice.

** Graduates **

Graduates can apply for social work (especially with regard to non-profit organizations and foundations) legislation (judicial interpretation), government (diplomatic service) and trade. Department also works with TV (advice and translations), Radio (popularization) and participated in seminars in the series „Education for tolerance and against racism in schools in Prague“ and is working with various cultural institutions, in which graduates may apply for graduation . It also depends on the imagination of students as knowledge of the language of our most promising minority deal, it is the skills and knowledge, that lacks an additional element many people.

** Entrance Exam **

You do not know Vietnamese, you can be admitted to study Vietnamese. However, you should have placed the non-European language to master. The entrance examination applicants translate text from foreign language into mother tongue and to demonstrate the passive knowledge of a second foreign language. However, as previously assumed, the interest in the cultures of the Far East. Reality, appears in the written test and presented a list of books with the Vietnam theme, that the student read.

** Where do you study? **

The only high school in the Czech and Slovak republics, which offers a study of Vietnamese, the Charles University. Now the Far East Department of the Faculty of Arts six years ago Study accredited Ethnology, specializing Vietnamese. In European terms, the Vietnamese engaged in quite a few scientists and a majority of them are native speakers only. They also, together with the Czech philologists and teachers at Charles University.

** Source: **

„Far East Institute website UK“:…/vietnam.htm

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