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University of Pardubice - 2nd GOVERNING round for the academic year 2010/2011 Added:13.7. 2010
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University of Pardubice - 2nd GOVERNING round for the academic year 2010/2011

Press news

Five faculties will complement the student numbers by 1 years of undergraduate studies.

Those who are still hesitating whether and where to study, or their entrance exams in June, the college did not go according to expectations, can log into any of the programs offered and the fields in which even the University of Pardubice, respectively. its five faculties will be accepting students for the academic year 2010/2011.

These include admission to bachelor degree programs and disciplines.

Faculty but also accepting applications for a two-master's study on which they can apply for those who have already completed undergraduate studies corresponding program.

** Deadlines for submitting applications to the study: **

------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
University of Pardubice Faculty applications for the Bachelor's degree – 2 round – the applications to two-year master's degree in
------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------    
Faculty of Economics and Administration 31 July 31 July
Faculty of Arts 6 August 6 August
Jan Perner Transport Faculty 20 August 15 August
Faculty of Chemical Technology 15 August 31 July
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 20 August 31 July

Information about additional admission procedures can be found at Pardubice University and its faculties – ** **, then provide further direct staff study of the department faculty – through the University switchboard – tel 466 036 111.

** 7 faculties of the University of Pardubice accepts candidates for this study and 25 undergraduate programs, with 52 branches .**

The main entrance examinations, ie in particular to bachelor degree programs in various faculties took place in June – the admission cycle closes in September just before the start of the academic year.

In the second round of additional management is thus a ** always just add the number of students and locations ** in each specific field of study – not a substantial number in the hundreds of units, more than tens of meters, which for each program of study / field varies. Faculty will be the number adopted in the 2nd know exactly the bike up after the first registration of students by 1 year (taking place in some faculties in the first half of July, on some late-August).

University of Pardubice, now has seven faculties and 10,500 students in college.

** 5 faculties of the University of Pardubice take 2nd round of admission to Bachelor degree programs / courses: **

------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
Faculty Bachelor Degree Program Study Dates of entrance exams
------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------      
Science Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Communication and Microprocessor Technology no entrance exams, will rank the results according to school-leaving certificate
^ Information Technology Process ^
FF Philosophy Philosophy 18 – 19 8th 2010
Religions ^
^ Historical Sciences Cultural history ^
File and archive services ^
Protection of historical monuments History + ^
^ Philology German for economic practice ^
Slavonic Studies of the European Union History + ^
FES System Engineering and Computer Science Science in Public Administration No entrance examination only in the case of more applicants than can accept faculty will rank the results according to school-leaving certificate
Regional and Information Management ^
Information and Security Systems ^
DFJP Transportation and Communications Technologies Applied Informatics in Transport No entrance test for admission to study Dean decides on the results of secondary school
Vehicles – Rolling Stock ^
Transport Infrastructure – Transport Electrical Equipment ^
Operational reliability of transport infrastructure ^
Operational reliability of transport and infrastructure – Environmental Transport ^
FChT Chemistry and Technical Chemistry Chemistry and Technical Chemistry without entrance examinations, the results of secondary school
^ Chemistry and Food Technology Evaluation and Analysis Food ^
^ Chemical and Process Engineering Economics and Management of Chemical and Food business ^
^ Special Chemical and Biological Fields Medical Laboratory ^
Clinical Biology and Chemistry ^
^ Ecology and Environmental Protection Environmental management ^
^ Of pharmaceuticals and medical materials pharmaceutical chemistry and medical materials ^
^ Printing Printing ^
^ Inorganic and Polymer Materials Inorganic Materials ^
Polymeric Materials and Composites ^
^ Surface protection of building and construction materials Surface protection of building and construction materials ^

Upa – University of Pardubice DFJP – Jan Perner Transport Faculty FES – Faculty of Economics and Management FA – Faculty of Arts FChT – Faculty of Chemical Technology FR – Faculty of Restoration Faculty of Health Studies – Faculty of Health Studies Science – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

** Ing. Valerie Wágnerová ** Chancellor – University Yard spokesman Phone 466 036 555, e-mail

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