The five faculties of the University of Pardubice is still accepting applications Added:17.7. 2010
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The five faculties of the University of Pardubice is still accepting applications

The five faculties of the University of Pardubice writes drhuá round admission to selected fields of study. This is essentially a bachelor's degree programs. Number of accepted applicants is not guaranteed, only the following faculty positions.

** Faculty of Economics and Management ** Call for Entries 31 July, and the program's System Engineering and Computer Science. Applicants are accepted without entrance examinations. The Faculty of Arts ** ** You can register for the sixth August programs in selected fields philosophy, philology and historical science. Entrance exams are held on 18 and 19 August. ** Jan Perner Transport Faculty ** also accepts without entrance examinations in the program, transportation and communications technology. Undergraduate courses accept applications until 20 August, Master's 15 August.

** Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ** adopted to study electrical engineering and computer science and information technology without entrance examinations. Applications to undergraduate courses are sent to 20 August, the Master's 31 July. ** Faculty of Chemical Technology ** accepting applications to undergraduate courses and 15 August, the Master's 31 July. Detailed overview of fields in which the accepted without entrance examinations, visit the university. Full details can be found on the „Web University“:

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