New Minister of Education has appointed Joseph Dobes Added:15.7. 2010
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New Minister of Education has appointed Joseph Dobes

13 July 2010 Josef Dobes commissioned by President Vaclav Klaus, the management of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. His office took over 16 hours. In his new role Dobes would like to build on the reform measures of its predecessor Miroslava Kopicová.

The main issues which would like to discuss Dobes are final graduation address issues of state reform, higher education, preschool education, but also increase aggression in schools and an overall „better climate“ in schools. In accordance with the coalition agreement will also strive to improve the salaries of teachers.

Mgr. Josef Dobes studied psychology at Masaryk University in Brno. In addition to psychological practice experience with leading positions (personnel director, representative of Prague 1).

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