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Recruitment agencies: what are they? Added:21.7. 2010
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Recruitment agencies: what are they?

The summer months are the time of year when the employment offices, employment agencies and web portals literally overflowing with interested job seekers. The current candidates has just at this time added a number of high school and college graduates who have, in addition to the brigade are opting for permanent load. They can help find the aforementioned staffing agency.

If you are the ones who had the good fortune to find a job while you study, you begin to speak „from scratch“. Messing with the Ad Council, to ask in your area, bypassing the company and your field of interest, send CVs. Sometimes just a few days searching and never sign a contract, but other times it may take a little longer. And while it may be a mere lack of preparation.

Excessive self-confidence and lack of professionalism

The most a breach of the candidates in their efforts to find a job are suffering, is that sometimes ** unable to estimate his skill and ability **. Some may suffer from excessive sebepodceňováním, others again some believe more than is healthy. Other pitfalls also often lack ** ** information about where to look for work anywhere. Although most applicants have a certain range of locations that are in search of work still turn around, but often does not know that options can be much more. Finally, it may be a reason not to take the ** ** lack of professionalism, which people often suffer for the first time job seekers – mostly because young students during their studies have little opportunity to get the „real“ interview, as in traditional brigades are usually no such interview nor made. One of the ways the least bit similar mistakes to avoid is using the services of employment agencies. Currently there are in the labor market, many, its branches across the country tend to have many specialized and need only to specific areas.

=== The principle of recruitment agencies

The main mission of the agency's personnel ** represent job seekers in touch with companies and ** ** help him with all the formalities associated with finding work ** – treatment from his CV, consultancy activities (to be on behavior and self in the interview) Continuing and help with the recruitment ending. Candidates come to agencies either on an ad launched by a specific position, or her turn for help in searching for the (sometimes to the services can meet the recruitment agencies such as trade fairs dedicated to language learners and education, personnel, labor and others. ).

  • "If it is a consultation interview, graduates usually advise what information in your CV or work experience to emphasize and what form of presentation. Further advice may fall on a presentation for potential employers – for example in manners, dress code etc, or on what questions to prepare and how to correct their wage demands, upwards or downwards, "* calculates the general content of consultations with clients Peldová Erik from Prague affiliates Start People, which currently has about 13 000 job seekers.

Plenty of information on both sides

As service firms using recruitment agencies receive detailed information on ** all ** candidates, the candidates receive from the Agency ** data on individual employers **. Not only that, the agency often advise candidates on what to prepare everything before it to a specific employer set out for an interview. All this can be an advantage over job search "on your own, because the candidates themselves often have limited opportunities to seek more detailed information about the company where they would like to work. Let alone how it is in the interview. Recruitment agency and plays only an intermediary, but an advisory role.

Carefully select === === Because of this, you decide to use the services of the agency, you will be asked to disclose many details about you, read first balance sheet, with which agency you want to cooperate. May serve as a guide also references of companies, the length of the Agency's labor market, the extent of the client base, and possibly its membership in the Association of Personnel Services and so on. Also carefully choose the specialty, then, is which specific companies are working in what areas these companies realize (in most cases the companies operating in the technology sector, IT, finance, commerce, administration, etc.). Choose Mainly among those agencies that its portfolio of best match your skills and direction of interest.

=== How much does it cost

The use of recruitment agencies do not pay anything ** ** primary source of financing is for her to represent companies that have ordered the service. Those wishing to work because they have at least a partial guarantee that they will only be deployed to positions where, at least according to their ratings agencies have a chance to succeed.

First contact with agency personnel

As already mentioned, the clients come to agencies with a focus on either specific position or for a consultation. Either way, not only at the first contact with the agency would be seeking employment act and behave as if the interview went directly to a specific company, where he reported on the site. * „During a personal visit to the agency always recommend appropriate clothing, personal interview, then make sure you bring the completed certificates,“ advises * Peldová. Subsequent continuous contact with the agency but does not take place only in person, but also convenient web form. * "If it is within our capabilities and forces, we take each individual newcomer. Often we refer applicants to register on our website, because registration allows us a more efficient way to find appropriate candidates for a given position. CV Processing in paper form is already somewhat unusual, "* says Peldová.

What kind of interest in the fields

  • Currently we have eleven branches throughout the Czech Republic and the region's demand for individual positions differ considerably. As a company, do not avoid any positions across the spectrum of work. Given the fact that as a manager I am responsible only for the Prague region, I can say for myself that we are currently most in demand for technical and specialized positions. The highest interest of candidates registering for an administrative position, "* says Peldová. And according to her recently as job demands particularly fresh graduates? * "Significant changes in the behavior of candidates we are currently not recorded, and if, then clearly downward, such as reducing the rights of any added benefits. But seeing a greater effort to achieve the job, "* concluded Peldová.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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