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Internship in Peru: "In such a culture shock to not prepare!" Added:26.7. 2010
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Internship in Peru: "In such a culture shock to not prepare!"

Where else than in Latin America would be at the Institute of Tropical and Subtropical introduce your students? Ocelák Martin (24) seized the opportunity and basis for their Master's thesis seeks to Peru. The greatest experience and details the way we asked him for you.

** Hi Martin! ** Hi all, I wish all a good health and tropical days, believe that this is nothing compared to what is in Peru! Temperatures are the same, but there's about 90 percent moisture content as a bonus.

** How did you actually get to Peru? ** I study a bit exotic field, namely Tropical Crop Management and Ecology (Ecology Management and tropical plants), a master's degree at the Institute of Tropics and Subtropics at the Czech Agricultural University in Prague. And as I study the tropics, I wanted to experience it firsthand. And so I took advantage of the offer to write a thesis that the way required, while allowing …

** What is the type of internship and what is its purpose? How long zdržíš? ** It is the student internship in order to perform the practical part of the thesis entitled „Methods of vegetative propagation of some promising agroforestry tree species in the Peruvian Amazon,“ focused on the species Inga edulis and Tabebuia spp. The trial will be run from creation to evaluation for 40 days, but will be preceded by several days of training to the actual experiment was carried out smoothly. The total time spent in Peru will be a little over three months.

view Night Li

** You hesitated, or was it a clear decision? ** Originally it was a clear decision, but those who have a longer stay behind, they will certainly agree that what was closer to departure date, the less they wanted to go. But since everything was already arranged and paid for, there was no turning back.

** What to be accomplished prior to departure? You discourage such preparation? ** The bureaucracy was terrible. I had to deal with the ticket, write a dissertation methodology, which occupied most of the time. I also scheduled a last-minute requests for grants and all that I have not moved, so it was difficult.

** What do you most afraid of? ** I was most afraid that everything just can not do that nedomluvím (my Spanish is terrible) and especially the separation from family, friends and her boyfriend …

** How can such a man to prepare for culture shock? ** Unable to prepare it simply can not!

** How do you assess the first weeks of residence? ** Given that there are not the first shipment of our school, we had lots of advice, contacts, advice and in addition we have also helped one of our post-graduate student who has been there several times.

** What surprised you the most? What is your greatest experiences? ** I did not expect super-civilization, but unfortunately not so much poverty. When I saw the hospital in Lima (fortunately just outside), I changed my mind, if something happens to me. We walked through neighborhoods, which would not go alone even in daylight. Then I heard the ominous-sounding cry of „gringo“ (white), the prostitute, pulled me into the dark abode. When we moved to Pucallpa, we discovered the neighborhood, I once nearly showered with light green snake, that was pretty fast out there! Sometimes I'm in a restaurant waiting for a meal about an hour. First they went to buy glasses, while the meat between the waitress who served me originally, still left …

Local flavor is unique

** How do you fight with the language? How do the people here? ** People are strange, many of them never seen a white man, and we constantly focus. Girls attracted my blue eyes. And anyway, we just whites … Retailers are ecstatic, gringos are definitely money! Some are nice but on the contrary. The language of fighting a lot, I was the de facto thrown into the water, I had Spanish in school and learned very well here in addition to talking so fast … and no one here does not speak English.

** What is food and accommodation? ** Meals are excellent, but within a week so you know the local menu by heart. After three days you will climb the ears of rice. Local specialty cebiche, a dish of raw fish, I also very neučarovala. We have arranged accommodation in the grounds of the University of European-style house. With a cold shower and a Turkish toilet. But better than a hut on stilts with no sanitary facilities.

** What is your daily activities and how you cope? ** Currently „working“ in IIAPu (Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruano), create conditions for its upcoming research – arranges plastic foil, where daily from 7:40 am to 15 pm. It can manage. From the beginning it was but "záhul, even now my back hurts.

** What benefit expect to pursue their studies? ** I expect a successful course and obtain data for his dissertation, the improvement in Spanish and a little sideways – that make me appreciate more what I have at home!

** Thank you for the interview and wish you much success and experience! **

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