The second round of admission at PF JU Added:21.7. 2010
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The second round of admission at PF JU

Faculty of Education University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice announced a second round of admission for the academic year 2010/2011. Applies to bachelor's degree in Education Specialization ** ** ** field of natural history and environmental education **, and these fields with the attribute ** „with a focus on education“ **: ** Mathematics – Information Technology Mathematics – Physics Mathematics – Technical Education Mathematics – Nature Mathematics – Chemistry Mathematics – Social Sciences Physics – Technical Education Physics – Information Technology Nature – Chemistry **   Application form along with all the formalities required by the school can only send mail to the Faculty of Education, USB, up to 31 ** July 2010 **. In none of the above fields are not held entrance examination, applicants will be informed of their acceptance or rejection notified no later than 10 September 2010. Registration accepted applicants held on 23 September, teaching in the winter semester begins on 29 September 2010.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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