Summer Intensive Chinese Studies Added:26.7. 2010
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Summer Intensive Chinese Studies

** Confucius Academy at the University of Palacky ** ** holds on second – 6 August and 9 – 13 August 2010 ** ** two-week Summer Intensive Chinese studies, 2010 **. The course is designed as a first insight into Chinese culture and as an introduction to spoken and written Chinese language and thinking. Led by the teachers, graduates and students of higher classes from the Department of Asian Studies.

Each lesson will last 45 minutes. During the morning will be teaching Chinese (three lessons a day), afternoon and evening will include lectures on China (one hour per day), workshops with Chinese folk art (one hour per day), the Chinese exercise (two hours twice a week) and possibly Chinese films, martial arts demonstration, or trips to Moravia. Newly enrolled in a course and an afternoon of cooking Chinese cuisine and afternoon tea room.

The price is 6 000, – CZK, for pensioners, disabled students and tuition is 4 800, – CZK for members and KA pays 4% discount (discounts do not combine). Preliminary applications can be sent by e-mail, phone or in person to exchange payment is made after completing registration mandatory. Minimum number of candidates for the opening of the summer course is five.

Source and more information: „konfucius.upol­.cz“:…ninove-kurzy

Author: Černá, Lucie

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