COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Management and Marketing I. Added:23.7. 2010
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Management and Marketing I.

  • Do you have leadership abilities? You are a born organizer? Can you pull people to your side? Then you may expect a promising career in management and marketing positions. In comparing today's industries will show you where they are in this area of ​​study options .*

We will focus on a more general nature subjects, often taught at the economic faculties. The specialized management and marketing because you can read in our comparisons and other specials.

University of South Czech Budejovice, Faculty of Economics

** Category: ** Management and Economics ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, full ** Course characteristics: ** Branch focuses on the management of human resources, projects and run a business. Once students are also required of the legal and economic knowledge in the context of regional, national and European. Related to compulsory foreign language. Master's study is more in depth and discusses quality management or creating business strategies. But do not stay aside and further economic knowledge and ethical context of entrepreneurship. Master, Masters should be applied in top management and the development of small and medium-sized companies. ** Admission: ** The bachelor's degree candidates are recruited on the basis of written test in English or German language and mathematics, master's in writing must demonstrate a knowledge of the subjects of bachelor degree studies. Tests in 2009 with the solution can be found „on the pages of the faculty“:…dium/testy09. ** Website: ** „“:

Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Economics and Administration

** Field: Management ** ** ** Form of study: undergraduate, combined ** Course characteristics: ** Study leads mainly to understand how the economic entity in the business as conducted and financed. It depends on the economic, legal and mathematical subjects, which builds its own study of management and marketing. Faculty not open this year is no direct follow-up Master's study, however, you can choose from a menu of related economic and administrative and economic studies. ** Admission test: ** Students are admitted based on the results of the study test the assumptions generated directly Masaryk University. The minimum limit for admission is 95th percentile Last year, from 1553 applicants accepted 380th ** Website: ** „www.econ.muni­.cz“:

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Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics

** Category: ** Economics and Management ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** Economics and Management study creates a compromise between obtaining the ability to control functions and for providing sales and marketing activities. Students gradually learn how they work and how economic processes affect the venture and also how to utilize this knowledge in the middle management level of companies. They may act as managers, corporate economists or professional advisers.

** Category: ** Management business ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor, full-and part-time ** Course characteristics: ** Graduates of this field gets a similar amount of knowledge as with the previous field. He specializes But more on sales and marketing activities of enterprises. He should know the nature of business operations and management of marketing and be able to assess the commercial success of the company by the standards of the world economy. Working as an individual worker can purchase and sales departments, as well as a sales representative company.

** Admission test: ** For both industries are adopting the same conditions. Applicants must pass a test in mathematics and one foreign language. Entrance exams are exempted from the candidates to pass tests in mathematics and SCIO any foreign languages ​​and get between 40% successful. ** Website: ** „www.pef.mende­“:

University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem, Faculty of Social and Economic

** Category: ** Financial Management ** Mode of study: Bachelor ** (full and part-time), master (only full-time) ** Course characteristics: ** It suggests that the name field mainly focus on money, not necessarily focus on only profitable sector. Conversely, students become familiar with the principles of non-profit organizations. Deal will be accounting, investments or taxes to be able to succeed in managing financial flows of enterprises, including in relation to banks, insurers and public sector. Municipality to deepen their knowledge of industry contexts get loaded enivronmentálních, social and regional. ** Admission: ** In the last academic year was to study full-time undergraduate field of 49 students accepted out of 273, in the form of a combined 48 out of 90 students in master's study 49 students from the 94th

** Category: ** Sales and Marketing ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** Students learn regularities of the market and economic entities. Essential to understanding these subjects are engaged in law, psychology and sociology. Altogether, however, most will deal with traditional economic disciplines such as finance, accounting, business management or finance. Emphasis is also placed on the language skills of graduates. ** Admission: ** The combined study was made last year 43 out of 113 applicants for full-time and 47 of the 282nd

** Category: ** Business Economics and Management ** Mode of study: Bachelor ** (full and part-time), master (only full-time) ** Course characteristics: ** Bakalářští graduates point to the position of the top management of companies of all sizes. The best position for them supply management, sales and marketing come into their own and other economic units. They are able to carry out economic analysis and participate in creating business plans, objectives and strategies. Magisterští graduates are already equipped with a somewhat deeper knowledge. In addition to the management of marketing and economic departments of enterprises can be applied in the banking sector and public administration. The implementation of business plans to manage not only participate, but is also able to drive. They learn to succeed in crisis situations, manage a team to plan strategy and personnel and the entire enterprise. ** Admission: ** 97 of 531 candidates passed last year entrance examination successfully in full-time undergraduate study. The combined form was adopted by the ratio 75 to 231 not accepted. Candidates for follow-up study of 101 of the 263rd succeeded

Applicants for the BA pass the entrance exam in a foreign language and mathematics. The master's courses are accepted on a test of general economic and knowledge that are typical for the field. ** Web **: „“:

University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Informatics and Management

** Category: ** Financial Management ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** Significantly economically oriented field allows students to improve skills in management, marketing, business economics, finance and accounting. Graduates will find employment as financial managers of small and medium-sized companies, but also non-profit organizations. In the study, students also meet with teaching a foreign language, mathematics, psychology and law. ** Admission test: ** Faculty provides for 40 new students in attendance as well as the combined form of study. Candidates held a written test in mathematics and in their choice of English or German language. ** Website: ** „ / fim“:

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