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Five questions for ... Cyril Hoschl Added:30.7. 2010
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Five questions for ... Cyril Hoschl

With Cyril Höschl you can meet in the third lecture Medical Faculty of Charles University and the Medical Faculty of University PJ Šafárik in Košice and the pages of countless publications and peridoik on which it participates. During his career he stood in the forefront of medical school, he became director of the Psychiatric Center, president of the Association of European Psychiatrists and the European Federation of Medical Academy and chairman of the Czech Medical Academy. Most people, however, knows him from his regular column in the weekly magazine Reflex, which corresponds to the readers on issues related to mental health and life problems. As he recalls this remarkable scientist and educator to his student years?

** 1) What high school did you study and why you chose for her then? **

I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of Charles University in Prague. As a relatively universally applicable and ambivalent type I had, in 1967, reported at three schools: College of Mechanical Engineering in Liberec, where we lived, and then medicine and psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. Since I first made a successful entrance exams to medical school, so I took it.

** 2) What you could study at a university in terms of your current profession? **

A holistic view of man. I was under the influence of charismatic leaders of our professors of medicine slashed, Charvat, John, Wenkeho, Vondracek and others. This person joined my first director of the psychiatry professor Hanzlíček. Hit them with me ever since. Especially the realization that everything is different than how it appears.

** 3) If you could choose again today, what you studied and where? He chose you as an opportunity to study abroad? **

I studied again here again at Charles University, but maybe I hesitated on the faculty. Perhaps today I would like to try a new curriculum for third. In foreign so I put one and one internship two semesters. That's probably not.

** 4) As you recall, when you say „student life“? **

Dorm 5th May at Slavíkova street in Žižkov, concerts in the Rudolfinum „Stands for“ Semaphore, Events kindred spirits (Jonášklub), cross country skiing at home in the Jizera Mountains, bike through Jested.

** 5) What would you say to those who wish to report on the field that you studied you, eventually. considering similar professional career? **

That's hard to study, full of self-denial. And satisfaction comes in comparison to other professions with long delays. But it's worth it.

Note: The initial photo is Cyril Höschl (left) with the renowned physician Zdenek Mařatka. Both pictures from gallery pages Cyril Hoschl.

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