Teacher education can not add teachers Added:28.7. 2010
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Teacher education can not add teachers

Teaching is one of the low number of ways to add yet acquired education – in this case the teacher. What can such a course entails, who can log into it and what significance it may have for its graduates? It tells you the following article.

Most of the courses focusing on educational and pedagogical skills are offered as „low teacher“ (so are most marked in the course of retraining courses commercial educational institution) or as "additional teacher training '(this is usually offered by universities, which are organized in their lifelong learning courses, or directly in the classroom for students teaching courses). Most of them are now accredited by the Ministry of Education of the CR (MSMT), ie. That they completed the final examination and certification of celostání effect. All certificates obtained (most of the retraining certificate or certificate of achievement in the training program for teachers) support the eligibility of graduates to perform – the nature of pre-defined course – teaching profession.

** Related Legislation: **

  • Act No. 563/2004 Coll. On teaching staff („link“: http://www.msmt.cz/…pracovnicich)
  • Decree No. 176/2009 Coll. Laying down the requirements of an application for accreditation of educational programs, organization of training and retraining facility of its way to completion („link“: http://www.msmt.cz/…ova-vyhlaska)
  • Decree No. 524/2004 Coll. On Accreditation of facilities for re-training for job seekers and job seekers („link“: http://www.msmt.cz/…-524-2004-sb- Accreditation-the-device-for-Implementing-re-pretender-to-job-and-candidate-for-Work)

Who is the minimum educational addressed

Minimum educational courses in any case does not provide its students a holistic education teacher – this fact alone already suggests, moreover, the designation „low“, respectively. „Complementary“ in the name of the course. However, they are mainly for those who want to realize in this area. The minimum educational vystudovaným its graduates can be working as instructors for private companies, in schools, but also other educational institutions. Depending on the exact specification for the course (as they may differ in content with each other), its graduates to pursue such educational supervision of children and youth in various activities or to implement in adult vocational guidance (such as corporate training, etc.). Teaching low, but may well serve as a means to improve the presentation skills of the representatives of those professions that require good communication skills, such as managers, administrators, businessmen, etc. Condition of enrollment is usually low educational successfully completed secondary education. Some courses, especially those targeted at professional educational guidance of adults, or those that are offered by universities, but require no previous training (sometimes higher), or at least experience in the field.

Duration === === Duration of low educational and teaching complementary studies depends on the particular institution, which organizes courses. Most courses are offered for about 20–300 hours (the equivalent of one semester layout should be up to two years). Can be selected from both full-time, from weekend to study. Short courses usually covers only academic subjects with marginal insight into the practice, long-term courses for most courses include both theoretical and practical, yet are sometimes supplemented by experience in an educational institution.

Contents === === study The core content of the course lies mainly in the humanities, such as psychology, pedagogy, sociology, teaching methods and leadership of specific groups (children, adolescents, adults, etc.), job security, but should also Health science or ethics. The content of this study are also practical items such as focusing on ways of creating the curriculum, forms of work with teaching aids and multimedia technology, teaching methodology management (activating and maintaining attention, content and process of teaching hours, etc.) and many others.

=== Course Price

Study of low teacher is always free, as it is a form of retraining courses, respectively. lifelong learning courses. The price depends primarily on the length of the course, its contents and what the price includes everything (study materials, meals, etc.). Tuition ranges from the 5000 to be up to 30,000 crowns.

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