Additionally, courses offered at FF OU - Translation and Interpreting and Psychology Added:23.7. 2010
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Additionally, courses offered at FF OU - Translation and Interpreting and Psychology

Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava offers candidates for study in the next academic year opened three additional academic disciplines. This is a master's degree courses in full-time study ** Polish translation for practice ** and ** for Russian translation practice ** (both fall under the program of Translation and Interpreting) and a bachelor's degree course in Psychology ** ** full-time study (Psychology Program).

Entries for the two new masters programs, candidates may submit electronically ** up to 27 August 2010 **. The field for the Polish translation ** Practice ** Applicants are accepted without entrance examination for admission provided the candidate is completing undergraduate field of study Polish language and literature, Polish in Business or related field, focusing on Polish. For admission to the field for the translation Russian ** ** practice must pass an oral entrance exam, which will be held ** 1 September 2010 **. In this framework, applicants must translate from Russian into Czech coherent general informational text, which also examine the theoretical knowledge in the science of translation. In addition to examining grammar of Russian language, Russian literature and culture (this is part of the exam in Russian) and the applicant's mo­tivation to study in the field. More information about the field you go „here“:….

Applications of Psychology to the field ** ** (single-subject study) is also made electronically, and to 27 ** August 2010 **. Date of entrance examination is the third ** September 2010 **. The test is a written form (on computer) and the contractor, there must demonstrate general scholastic aptitude for higher education, cultural and social report (literature, art, politics), and knowledge of psychology, human biology and social sciences (sociology, philosophy, logic, pedagogy) the extent of high school (gymnasium) curriculum. More information about this field, see „here“:….

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