Additional admission to 1 Faculty of Medicine Added:25.7. 2010
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Additional admission to 1 Faculty of Medicine

** 1.lékařská Charles University in Prague ** is announced for those interested in doctoral studies ** ** additional admissions to the newly accredited program Bioethics ** ** with standard length of study for four years. The program is advertised as full-time in combined form.

Applications for study, candidates may send up to 31 ** ** July 2010, either in written or electronic form. During the interview the applicant must demonstrate expertise and language ability to study the scope and requirements for independent scientific work. The admission procedure is to determine the interest of candidates for treatment of a particular topic for a particular supervisor and his ability to deal with this issue.

More information about the study program and admission procedures can be obtained at the Dean's first LF UK or on the „“:

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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