COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Management and Marketing II. Added:5.8. 2010
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Management and Marketing II.

And there's a second part of the management disciplines. Today we look at six other universities. Again, stay in economic circles, but also introduce the field of concentrating primarily on the crisis.

Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Faculty of Economics and Management

** Category: ** Management and Economics ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** Students must pass a basic package of items, consisting of macroeconomics, microeconomics, foreign languages, computer science, mathematics and statistics. Then, have the opportunity to focus on the industry or public administration and regional development. The former was the name suggests, the students will focus mainly on businesses and companies. Therefore, their schedule will discover objects of type business management, banking or marketing. The second option offers a number of legal and public administrative context for success in the public sector and regional development. ** Admission: ** The full-time study is needed to meet the test of general study skills SCIO. Last year 524 applicants were accepted from a 589th In combined form, fought their way to the study 118 of 242 applicants. They met in the entrance exams with tests in mathematics and a foreign language to focus on the industry and the general social survey and a foreign language to focus on the public sphere.

** Category: ** Management and Marketing ** Mode of study: ** master, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** Students will begin again the basic disciplines – microeconomics, macroeconomics, management, quantitative methods, logistics and information systems – where it is rather than to acquire new knowledge to enhance the experienced. Passing through specialized marketing and mangementové objects can get up to positions of senior managers in industrial and commercial companies and public authorities and nonprofit organizations. ** Admission: ** Candidates are tested in writing from the knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics, management and business economics, marketing, finance, accounting and management. ** Website: ** „web.fame.utb­.cz“:…

Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karviná

** Category: ** Marketing and Management ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** The study is based on the items of basic economic disciplines, and it expands the knowledge of marketing communications, marketing companies, municipalities, and management processes. It focuses also on the financial side of business, investment and project preparation. Graduates should be managed actively participate in the activities of all types of companies. ** Admission test: ** Applicants exam consist of general study skills, writing that test knowledge of the foundations of social sciences and mathematics. The master's degree is required for successful completion of the entrance equipped with knowledge of the bachelor's degree. ** Website: ** „“:

University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Economics

** Category: ** Management business ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor, full-time ** Course characteristics: ** The main philosophy student becomes a customer orientation and fast response to their needs, learn to assess their preferences, analyze market trends and the latest occurring on it, all with a view to developing regions. Students will be able to specialize the třísemestrové common teaching to tourism, hotel and spa, marketing, sales and services and entrepreneurship in trade and services. Graduates will be equipped with such knowledge, enabling them to work in managerial positions as well as in sales and marketing departments of companies. Significant is also the language skills – learning to be the two world languages. ** Admission: ** Applicants must successfully negotiate for acceptance test in mathematics and the chosen foreign language.

** Category: ** Business Economics and Management ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** Bachelor's degree in a field study in two main orientations – the economics of small and medium enterprises or finance. The graduates grow on adepts and economic managerial positions in manufacturing, services and voluntary sector. They have a basic knowledge of the principles of market operation, two foreign languages, legal, and účetnickými finančnickými knowledge. Magisterští students choose from the following specializations: Business Administration, Enterprise Management, Financial Management and Accounting (in English), financial engineering. In general, the study focused on a deeper understanding of the economic theories and the ability to put your knowledge into an interdisciplinary context. Postgraduate study also deepens the skills needed to manage teams and creating and implementing projects and corporate strategies. Graduates will be lost in top management positions of companies and their individual components and may also consider consulting activities. ** Admission: Bachelor's degree ** The path leads through a written test in mathematics and the chosen language, to master the skills necessary to embrace a bachelor's degree in economics. ** Website: ** „“: #…programy.php of combined

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VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics

** Field: Management ** ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, full ** Course characteristics: ** students will gain the ability to target the responsible exercise of managerial functions teaches economics and operational management to analyze its effectiveness, dealing with taxation, finance and human resources and remuneration and complement their knowledge of a purely economic context of psychology and sociology . In the Master's level studies you have a choice of specialization in the management of the business entity or the management of human resources. The key to gaining knowledge of strategic planning and management processes in the company and analyze the effects of the business. Graduates find employment in the manufacturing and non-production sphere, in business or engineering firms.

** Category: ** Sales and Marketing ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, full ** Course characteristics: ** Students in addition to the basic economic disciplines concentrate on the issue of marketing and sales, ie. the marketing strategy and analysis, research consumer behavior and business activities. You would have them serve to influence the market in their favor. Orient should also internationally. They learn to manage both the sales and purchases and foreign trade operations. Graduates will find employment as marketers and business managers, in advertising and PR agencies or as consultants.

** Admission: ** The bachelor's degree candidates are selected on the basis of test results from the Company's general study Scio. In the Master's level study is necessary to pass a written exam in economics, mathematics and statistics, industry and selected foreign language. Applicants may be admissions or part waived based on evidence of passing the state exam (minimum Bachelor's degree) or tests at the college of the issue. ** Website: ** „“:…tudiu-na-ekf

University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Management

** Field: Management ** ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, combined attendance ** Course characteristics: ** Students in the first pocvičí basic economic disciplines, which will feed into a wider range of managerial, economic, informatics, and other interdisciplinary subjects. The Master degree will be given the opportunity to choose one of the focus: management of public services, business management, information management and management of health services. Should apply in the middle and senior management in various companies and organizations. ** Admission: ** Applicants for undergraduate study are selected based on the results of the test assumptions of management decisions and the chosen foreign language. The test can be excused for documented an average benefit of up to 1.85 in mathematics and a foreign language from high school or if the candidate has reached the test of general study skills at least 60th percentile Scio The master's degree candidates are admitted according to the test of the theory of management and economics. ** Website: ** „“:…jni-program/

University of Pardubice, Faculty of Economics and Administration

** Category: ** Enterprise Management ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor's, master's, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** The amount of information that students receive will cover setting up businesses, foundations and civic associations, management and resolution of problem situations. This will acquire knowledge of economics and its applications, rules management, information technology, mathematics, statistics and foreign languages. In the fourth semester the students can choose to specialize in small and medium enterprises or managerial ethics. Master's studies prepare students for challenging positions where they will have to demonstrate a perfect understanding of economic processes, finance, accounting, tax policies, marketing, restructuring and innovation, and business principles, which are not governed by the market. Applied in the manufacturing sector, services and business enterprises, as well as in public administration or nonprofit organizations. ** Admission: ** Last year, the bachelor's degree full-time accepted applicants of 379 223, in the form of a combined ratio was 93 to 43rd The master study proceeded to the study of 117 applicants from 199 in full-time and 84 out of 160 in combined form.

** Category: ** Management in Enterprises ** Mode of study: ** Bachelor, full-time, combined ** Course characteristics: ** This management discipline mainly focuses on preparing managers for companies working in hazardous conditions. Therefore, the most important skills students risk prevention and management of crisis and recovery. They will be able to adapt to ongoing changes in science and technology and changes in the market. Of course, but will also have knowledge of basic economic disciplines. Graduates could be employed in the positions of the type of business risk manager, loan officer bank crisis management specialists or specialist public protection of the population. ** Admission: ** Faculty of last year accepted 41 applicants from 109 in full-time and 16 out of 49 in combined form.

** Admission test: ** The bachelor programs, students are admitted based on test in a foreign language (English, German or Russian) and mathematics. Applicants for master's degree must meet the test of economics and economics and mathematical methods in economics. ** Website: ** „ / fes“:

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