VSO is organized by sign language course for tourism Added:5.8. 2010
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VSO is organized by sign language course for tourism

** College of Business ** in Prague, ops, newly organized by the Czech sign language course designed specifically for professionals in tourism. Valuable knowledge could vuyžít staff accommodation or restaurants, guides and staff in travel agencies or airlines.

** The course is divided into two modules .** The first part is devoted to a general introduction to the problem of Czech Sign Language. The second part develops the knowledge gained in the first module and is aimed at controlling fluid communication. Besides finger alphabet and vocabulary, candidates will learn the syntax and Mimice.

The course has a total of 162 hours, 2×2 hours each week. The first module runs from September to February, the second follow-up from February to June the 2011th Total price for both modules is 9600 **, – CZK **. Detailed information and registration, visit the „school site“: http://www.vsopraha.cz/…nakovy-jazyk.

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