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On the track, or digs? Both calls his Added:9.8. 2010
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On the track, or digs? Both calls his

The question of housing is one of those that must deal with many college student. Not everyone has had the good fortune to the school's interest is just in his home. The most common variants, including students selected tend to be college, or living in private. Let us therefore, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

It is certain that every student needs to have his life not only eat but also where to pass his head. The issue of housing in some plays, even such a role that, according to her decide on what school you ever submit an application. Those who come from places where there is no high school, or at least not one on which they would like to spend my next summer will not have a choice – to all matters related to admission procedures must have the item „duty“ to join just and accommodation.

Colleges === === The vast majority of Czech schools offers its prospective and current students on campus accommodation. This is the kind of student hostels with one to be the šestilůžkovými room. In particular, larger rooms are separated by a corridor, and sometimes even kitchen and bathroom. Most of the tracks is also equipped with social facilities (the room or the common hallways), kitchenette with basic equipment (eg kettle, stove, microwave etc.) and laundry room, computer classroom or common room. However, some have even a gym, pool, bike, music rooms and other entertainment options. Increasingly samozřejmější are also internet connection at all departments, even though somewhere in connection to the Internet is still a premium service for which it is necessary to pay more.

** Benefits **

  • Colleges are a relatively inexpensive alternative student housing. In particular, the newer or renovated boast a total of cozy rooms and a broad background.
  • Some colleges also offer the possibility of using a marital partner or double rooms.
  • Students who receive child allowance, or among people with disabilities tend to be favored spot. Regardless of the number of points at most schools assign to those college students who are persons with severe disabilities or persons disabled at the first or second degree, as well as students who are holders of ZTP or ZTP / P, or those who are on both sides orphans (if the accommodation does not happen automatically, these students are least endowed with a strong point evaluation, the total allocation of college decision). The priority list also included other groups of applicants that are already defined in detail the rules for the accommodation of students, published by individual schools.
  • Another advantage of tracks is that they are situated in the city location of the school, some are even directly on the site. But you can not rely on that you get exactly the track that is closest to your school, so for example in Prague may find that you need to commute for teaching several tens of minutes.
  • You can also appreciate some assurance, which provides housing on campus – in the contract of accommodation is pre-determined period of time for which it closes, and you adhere to the conditions and remain a student of the school for the entire duration of the contract, then there is no danger unplanned „fired“ . Nor will there is no unexpected rent raised, „invisible items“ vague information in the lease agreement and other inconveniences to which they may sometimes operate unscrupulous private landlords.
  • Inalienable advantage of living on campus that is also typical student life you can have all the experience. Mutual visits to the rooms, new people, joint action, the opportunity to learn or work together on school projects, if they are your neighbors, people from your industry – all this represents a small recovery and facilitating communication to a normal hallways Encounters at the university building.

** Cons **

  • Track capacity is usually significantly lower than the number of students who require accommodation. The final selection accommodated and individual schools use a predetermined formula, which in addition to distance from the school of residence (ie commuting, which is based on the decision of the school lists in minutes, or kilometers) takes into account the study results (for current students), year or degree studies, etc.. Criteria for the acceptance of applications for colleges to determine individual schools themselves, so they can each vary slightly. However, if you get a college the first time, you can submit a new application and thus classify the waiting list (compiled mostly in September). Check-But you can watch during the year. Especially those first deadlines for submitting applications is not necessary to watch – in general, the current students can apply for a college in some schools since March, while new students from around May or June. In applying for college in the first round tend to have students just over a month, the next round taking place only after the know the exact number of available beds.
  • If you do not choose to live with a partner, or you can not replace a room with someone so that you are staying with their friend or buddy, you are assigned roommates. It may happen that you do not meet each other – Student Life is also a need to be able to adapt and respect others.
  • Compared to rental housing, namely the longer-term, there are few ways to get your temporary abode zútulnit college according to your taste. No significant interference with the structure of the room is not normally allowed.
  • Although many colleges already have a total quality equipment rooms and other facilities, there is still plenty of things for which you must pay extra students, if you do not bring your own equipment. Fees are so often selected as a hire irons, hairdryers, kettles, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, etc. Hence the need to include your student budget and just these tiny návdavkové payments.
  • As above accommodation and fees for the use of appliances, sports equipment, however, are also strictly defined penalties for delays in payment or other offenses that are listed in detail information about payments dormitory.
  • Life on campus is also somewhat tied to college regulations, which must be observed, otherwise there is a variety of sanctions. Dormitory Regulations includes, for example compliance with the general principles associated with public housing accommodation, the need for care of college property management, the need to constantly prove their dorm or other ID card when entering the building or on demand, but also can control cleaning rooms, etc.

. <> * *** Having a fold where the head belongs to the basic needs of every human life, including students (photo: stock.xchng) *

=== Private

Another common option, after which students go back, is finding their own housing. Due to the large demand for smaller, cheaper homes, and hence their scarcity, often students plotting with other people so they could rent an apartment larger, which is generally more on the menu. Another option is to rent a room only in a foreign apartment – such offers are the ads in real estate more than enough. Before the offer swinging, however, recommend special vigilance, not only the content of the contract, appearance and condition of the apartment, but generally defined as the conditions of the owner concerned. This applies to any type of rental housing.

** Benefits **

  • The indisputable advantage of living in their own, or, more often rented an apartment is to obtain privacy. There's no need to conform to strict regulations (although even here it should be remembered also for residents of the house or other conditions imposed owner) or at each entry to show proof that you are a resident of his apartment.
  • Related to the fact that private housing generally provides more rest than college. It can of course be largely undermined noisy neighbors surrounding the building rush, dense traffic, etc., but in comparison with the college, which is often found to be several dozen rooms in one building, there probably rarely encounter constant screaming in the hallways, locking and unlocking doors, the music coming from various parties and other noises associated with the concentration of large numbers of active people in one place.
  • Another advantage, which, however, one can at least initially, be considered rather as a necessary evil, is the opportunity to finally become independent and to live „after her.“ She exuberance, but also includes the daily care of food, cleaning, ironing, washing, vacuuming and other housework, fixes broken appliances, pay bills and many other obligations which have never before possible or not seen.

** Cons **

  • Although we have the greatest advantage of living so-called „private“ mentioned privacy, the situation is not always so rosy. Just because students are mostly plotting on housing in more people to save for rent, sometimes it happens that even in their own home must respect the customs and cope with the timetable of others. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully choose your roommate.
  • A certain disadvantage of owning a home is its price – it usually decreases just sharing an apartment, and thus the rent with other people, or the option of renting just one room within a larger apartment. Housing prices depend on the size of the city, close to the nodal transport, household furnishings, the fees for water, gas and electricity, the number of people sharing etc. The price for renting unfurnished apartments is often lower, but very quickly it is exported and the acquisition of even a the most necessary appliances such as refrigerator or washing machine. However, in general, that even the lowest prices for rent are comparable to the price you would pay for college.

And what are the views of students themselves to different types of housing? It was read in „this“:…ej-vs-privat poll.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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