Sent him a computer for African children Added:7.8. 2010
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Sent him a computer for African children

Masaryk University in Brno was involved in the project-Africa ** e @ **, who organizes fund Asante Kenya in collaboration with Microsoft and DHL Express. Thanks to this cooperation will get kids in Kenya on the most vulnerable layers of 25 computer sets.

The project aims to give children the path to at least basic training in computer skills and enhance their future employability. It is better access to education is a primary focus fund Asante Kenya, which established Lejla Abbas.

The use of computers in Nairobi, visitors can convince the 8th day ** ** September 2010 in the library of the University Campus Bohunice in Action ** As the school year begins in Africa **. Czech children will have the opportunity to talk with the children in Kenya through the Internet. There will also be African dance and music.

Source: „Masaryk University“:…dar/14678761

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