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Russian language for the certificate Added:12.8. 2010
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Russian language for the certificate

English, German and French have long enough to communicate effectively in international trade. More and more we speak the language, experiencing a renaissance in recent years. Maybe you thought that disappeared from Russian outfit globetrotter need some twenty years ago. Mistake, a certificate from the Russian language you can throw a lot!

If you plan to demonstrate their knowledge by a certificate, you have basically two options. Either you decide for the state exam (called a small or a big state exam), or internationally recognized certificates from several levels and areas for us, but gives only a single institution.

1 State exam

State exam distinguishes two levels ** ** base (B2) and general (C1). It is also possible to issue a certificate to have a basic knowledge of the language corresponding to the B1 level. In addition, you can pass two tests ** ** professional level C2: State exam translating and interpreting state exam. None of these tests is not recognized abroad. In the near future are listed no actual dates. You can track the latest information on the „Language School of Prague“:

2nd Internationally recognized certificates

Certificates, which can also count on international recognition, in the Czech Republic issued a single location: the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Prague 6 The center also cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Ministry of Culture. Certificates are then issued directly in Russia. These international certificates may consist of candidates with a focus on ** ** three different areas: trade, tourism and the Russian general. Tests at levels of similar language tests (B1, B2, C1, …). The model tests can look ‚here‘:…. Tests are usually held annually ** ** 2, the earliest date in November 2010. Prices tests vary between 1700 – to 3500, – CZK, depending on the level.

Speak Russian? Go straight to the source!

** Preparation ** Underestimate the preparation for any test certainly does not pay. We, therefore, that the test (both national and international) has several parts, during which it can be verified not only your oral and written expression, but also the ability to understand the comprehension of grammar and recording knowledge. Language schools that can prepare you well, you will surely find its place of residence or study enough. Consider the possibility of internships or other opportunities to stay (not only) in Russia and the language and practice among the most experienced.

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