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What do you introduce the concept so broad as it is aesthetics? That is the doctrine of beautiful about everyone knows, but what is its content when it gets on campus and becomes a classic field of study, as well as the necessary medicine or information technology?

Perhaps surprisingly, aesthetics is one of the oldest philosophical areas at all, although as Every competent study was set up in the middle of the 18th century German philosopher Baumgarten AG. He does it through his file Aesthetica (1750) gave her name, until then unused. Beautiful it is not long before dealing Pythagoreans, Aristotle, Plato and medieval Christians. In terms of studies seems to be one of aesthetics nejidyličtějších subjects – who would not want to learn about a beautiful, its effect on human beings and human experiences of artistic creation?

Contents === studies

Apart from „beauty“ but is deeply concerned with issues of aesthetic understanding of the text (or other products of artistic creation), and particularly the different approaches to his professional interpretation (interpretation). The main area of ​​interest is so particularly human culture and creativity in their various forms and historical epochs. Main course of study consists mainly of reading books in the professional literature and art (often in different languages), their interpretation, as well as writing various essays and seminar papers, etc.

=== Graduates

Because the focus of study of aesthetics in art consists mainly analyze, interpret, evaluate, for example, but also create artistic and cultural works of various nature, apply to graduates of this field example of the media as editors, reviewers, art critics, editors, reporters, etc. In addition, culture can work in public administration, museums, theaters and galleries, but very often applied as artistic managers, cultural officers, consultants, speakers, etc. To work but may also be in schools and other educational institutions which can act as teachers to be aesthetic education.

. <> * *** The main areas of interest to the field of aesthetics, in particular, human culture and creativity in their various forms and epochs (source: stock.xchng) *

Field marked as a aesthetics with us offering only four high schools, and Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem and the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice. Fields near aesthetics, or comprising at least the following subjects focused, but you can study at other schools. You should look for particular philosophical, respectively. humanities-oriented faculties (near fields as aesthetics, „Art Studies“:…vedna-studia, „management culture“: / special-fields-of-management-culture-bachelor-fields, „humanities“:…nitni-studia, „Cultural Studies“: http:// / / article / new-study-in-Olomouc-kulturalni-study and many others).

Philosophy Faculty of Charles University in Prague

** Study program: ** General Theory and History of Art and Culture ** Field: Aesthetics ** (full-time, single-subject Bachelor study, 3 years), Aesthetics (full-time, single-or double-subject Mgr. Study, 2 years)

=== About the industry

Branch Aesthetics can be at Charles University to study only the single-subject study, which followed the same name, the new two-year cycle master, who is also writing only in full form. Within this framework, but you can already choose from single-subject or dvouoborového study. Continue the study of aesthetics, however, there are also three-year doctoral cycle, which is listed in the full-and part-time form.

Admission tests === === The entrance examination for Bachelor's study is in two rounds. In the first round of candidates writing demonstrate their ability to understand foreign language text (can choose between English, German and French) and ability of its interpretation and have the task in response to the questions interpret scientific text written in Czech language. Second, oral examination focuses on the applicant's mo­tivation and interest in the field, there are also asked questions of the general aesthetics, he finds the applicant's o­rientation in different areas of the field and eventually there will be a discussion of the literature studied.

** The number of applicants / accepted in academic. year 2010/2011: 90/31 ** (Bachelor degree)


The compulsory subjects taught in the bachelor program Aesthetics include among others a seminar on the aesthetics of its different historical epochs, introduction to philosophy, foreign language, tutoring system, etc. The optional mandatory then we will find, among other subjects focused on aesthetics such as those dealing with theories of film, music, literature or fine arts, as well as semiotics, phenomenology, structuralism and many other areas.

** More info: ** „“:

Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University

** Program: ** General Theory and History of Art and Culture, Humanities (only Bachelor degree) ** Field: Aesthetics ** (full-time, one-or two-subject Bachelor study, 3 years), Aesthetics and Cultural Studies (full-time, single-or double-subject Mgr. Study, 2 years)

=== About the industry

Branch can be studied in MU single-and double-subject in the study. In the latter case, usually combined with the disciplines of philology (both classical and modern languages, Czech, etc.), history, disciplines focused on art, media etc. The bachelor of Aesthetics builds a two-year full-time Master's study called as aesthetics and cultural studies and also study PhD.

Admission tests === === Study Test (for more information about this test, see „here“:…ik/heslo/tsp and also the „page MU“: / TSP).

** The number of applicants / accepted in academic. year 2009/2010: 376/198 ** (Bachelor Studies)


Among the subjects taught in the bachelor program Aesthetics can be found as those that describe the aesthetics of its historical and interdisciplinary context (didactics, hermeneutics, philosophy, etc.), as well as courses focusing on Cultural Studies, Languages ​​and philology, sociology, art, popular culture, philosophy and many others. We find among them the „beads“ as the idea of ​​beauty in Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche: philosophy, theater and drama workshop Interpretation, Courtly culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and others.

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Faculty of Arts, University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem

** Field of Study: ** Basic Humanities – Aesthetics (full-time, single-subject Bachelor study, 3 years)

=== About the industry

Branch UJEP can be studied only in full form. In terms of language learning students to the curriculum in this field to choose between English, French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish, while in the course of study required to compose two different exam level A (for language, in which the student has more knowledge) and B (for language, where the lower knowledge).

Admission tests === === The entrance examination is one round and has an oral form of a motivational interview. In it, the applicant must prove not only their interest in the discipline and motivation to study (which can demonstrate, inter alia, seminar work from high school, results of competitions, the literature, etc.). Moreover, the discussion will evaluate the student's basic knowledge in social sciences in the range of secondary grammar school curriculum.

** The number of applicants / accepted in academic. year 2009/2010: 43/28 **


Among the compulsory subjects in the study of aesthetics UJEP to find articles from next to the philosophical, historical and philological disciplines such as subject Historiography and Methodology of Art History, Religious Studies, Phenomenology, The museum and museum practice, pedagogy, and many others. In the compulsory optional courses students can choose between items such as paintings Tales, Utopian dimensions of political thinking, Transitions to Democracy, The Life and Death in the history of religion, violence in modern society, development of cultural landscapes, art as self-production, and Zarathustra's sha­dow, and other .

** More info: ** „“:…

Faculty of Arts University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice

** Study program: ** General Theory and History of Art and Culture ** Field: Aesthetics ** (full-time, single-subject Bachelor study, 3 years)

=== About the industry

Field of aesthetics at Charles University of South Bohemia can be studied only in the single-subject bachelor's degree in full form.

Admission tests === === Applicants for admission are accepted either on the basis of achievement in secondary school and success in secondary school activities („SOČ“:…co-ve-vas-je ), or the results of the National Comparative Test (test of general study skills) announced by the company SCIO (more on SSPO see for example „here“:…vaci-zkousky).


Between lectures and seminars organized by the Institute of Aesthetics can be found among others such as the outside aesthetic art – aesthetics of nature, aesthetics of the theater, photographic images Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, concept art and its definition, current art theory and others.

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