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Czech universities will promote modernization of higher education in partner countries of the EU Added:10.8. 2010
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Czech universities will promote modernization of higher education in partner countries of the EU

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The European Commission published the results of this year's selection of new projects under Tempus. Of the total 64 approved projects at the six participating Czech University as a partner institution. Specifically, the College of Chemical Technology, Czech University of Agriculture, University of Technology, JEPurkyne University in Usti nad Labem, the Technical University in Liberec University of Economics in Prague.

The Tempus program promotes the modernization of higher education in partner European Union countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Western Balkans Mediterranean Sea. The projects focus on cooperation in higher education issues curriculum reform, modernization of universities, state education officials management and development of lifelong learning at universities in partner countries.

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Chance to succeed in the competition of the European Commission is relatively small. This year Academic experts have picked out of 450 proposals for new Tempus projects, succeeded less than 15% of them.

Tempus has been working for 20 years. Its opening in 1990, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe received strong support for higher education. With the Czech Republic into the European Union, then our high schools has opened the possibility to submit their experiences and provide assistance to partner countries in the same way that assists EU member countries to our higher education institutions in the Tempus program in the past.

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