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Cooperation experience and high school is important Added:10.8. 2010
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Cooperation experience and high school is important

Press news

(Brno, 26 July 2010) How important could be cooperation between companies and universities today are aware of nearly every member of the academic community, and begin to realize that even the company. But how can we contribute to the development of such cooperation? And what options we have to find ways to such cooperation? One of the important ways is right at the Technical University in Brno. And with TT Point – experts who can help.

Point TT ** BUT ** is a new project ** ** Department of Technology Transfer, its main aim is to promote cooperation between academia and the private sector. „* We would like to create a network of cooperating with BUT and its individual components for the simple reason *,“ says project manager, ** Ing. Dagmar Vávrová ** and continues, „BUT * for a large number of interesting ideas that need to be put into practice, and why we are here .*“

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Important role in the work ** TT ** Point also has played the protection of intellectual property and offer consultations to individual scientists, companies or other entities. "* Anyone can contact our department if you need advice on how to protect and sell your idea, with a request to mediate contacts with companies or help in dealing with companies. Our main goal is to make the Technical University in Brno could present high-quality research and development and excellent results of this work, staff and students, * "says ** Ing. Vávrová **.

Acquisition of collaboration is becoming a necessity for any high school, the benefits are two-sided and there is great potential for support from the EU. „* Some companies know this, but so far it's only a small handful, our goal is to present all possible cooperation to companies and tell them what are the greatest advantages, it is important that the company also began to take the initiative and brought ideas for collaboration or know where to turn, and where they help or advice , "says Ing. Vávrová. All documents and information about possibilities of cooperation, companies can be found at **. ** " At the present time, the huge potential opportunities for cooperation especially in the second round of Innovation vouchers, which is to promote business cooperation and high school.“ *

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication operates ** Bc George Wagner, ** ** Chemical Faculty of the liaison person Ing. Corrected Thomas, PhD., Faculty of Information Technology represents Ing. Vladimír Pavelka, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Mgr. Ing. Eva Pekárková, Ph.D. and the Faculty of Civil Engineering works Ing. Bozena Vacenovská **. "* Our work, particularly on large faculties, can sometimes seem to be ant, but well aware of how it can be important for all parties * 'harmoniously relationship management team reporting to the application sphere TT Point. For more information, please visit, or e-mail

** The mission of the Office of Technology Transfer is to facilitate the commercial application of knowledge generated at the Technical University, to support the development of the school and contribute to increasing the innovation potential of the region and its economic development .**

** Press contact: George Wagner ** Department of Technology Transfer, BUT Mail: GSM: 604 504 695

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