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How to prepare memory for the new school year? Added:16.8. 2010
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How to prepare memory for the new school year?

What will the urgent, much of our success in the tests – and then leaving it doubly true – still depends on our mind. Surely you've heard about the miraculous means, how to improve or at least help. What are we talking about?

Gifts of Nature === === Nature is powerful, and to any trouble finding the most appropriate assistance. Not surprisingly, there are a number of „guaranteed tips, how to use food and herbs to strengthen the right memory. Among the students is traditionally recommended ** ** bananas, which reportedly contain substances that support the brain in the study. It is assumed that the same benefit could be ** ** fresh vegetables and foods high in vitamin E ** ** For example, almonds or sunflower seeds. In our memory seems to positively influence the ** ** Omega-3 fatty acids that are found primarily in fish. More miraculous foods can also read this article: "How to improve your memory and concentration? Go out through the stomach“:…-koncentraci- go-to-it-through-stomach. A similar effect can also have a variety of herbal teas ** ** mostly containing extracts from the leaves of chestnut trees were dvoulaločnatého **. ** Ginkgo biloba This is normally already in our sehnatelný assistant is excellent for blood circulation, thereby not only significantly stimulates blood circulation, as well as concentration and memory being. Ginkgo also like to take a supplement, to eliminate fatigue. Learning in a high school diploma or test valuable help! And certainly beneficial to health than gallons of coffee or black tea. „Natural Solutions“ memory, but also offers much advice kurióznější than eating fruit. Some scientific studies reportedly have shown that memory is good example, and your body weight **. ** According to their results, people are prone to obesity as well as greater problems with remembering specific words. So we can probably recommend a brisk walk through interleaved learning, rather than other chocolate bars.

Ginkgo biloba – a small miracle for your memory!

Artificial assistance === === The needs of potential customers, of course, reacts quickly to the market. Various preparations, tablets and the „miracle products“ to improve the functioning of our minds pharmacies and Internet sites abound. It depends on whether they believe it offers. A single pack capsules with a high content of lecithin ** ** or just biloba, pay on average about two hundred crowns ** **. Favorites are also substances such as guarana, coenzyme Q10 and omega-3, all of which sit in the counter even an artificial form. The question remains, how much advance you have to start eating regularly, so that the expected effect came at the right time.

Just the training?

It may be sad, but nothing will ultimately help better than their own efforts. Surely you've heard about various tips and tricks to get your mind a little help. The lucky ones who have so-called photographic memory ** ** know what we are talking about. They just have a password, or otherwise colored to distinguish them and their memory is then helps them easier to find. Another again proved the connection of learning with sound **. ** Certain passages aloud can help you fix the word in connection with how to read. Often, the terms of the link memory with emotion **. ** That does not mean you should cry over the matter, but rather to try to combine it with something for yourself known, specific. Example? Geographical concepts are sure to remember better when we visited a place. Terms of psychology and other social sciences have sought to link back to situations that you have experienced and have a relationship with them. This method would be not to use too for example in mathematics or physics, but again, they'll help „mnemonic“:…em/index.php?… of which you are on our server could also read. In no discipline can be expected that success will automatically receive free training **. ** Memory is good for you that from time to time to learn how to memorize a short poem or text in your favorite songs. There are also numerous print and online tests to train the memory. Or with friends in the learning pause play memory game!

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