FEEC received a grant for new research center Added:20.8. 2010
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FEEC received a grant for new research center

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has approved the Operational Programme within its Research and Development for innovation, namely the priority axes of the Regional R & D center, a subsidy for the development of sensory research center, information and communication systems (SIX). The proposal for the realization of this center came from a joint initiative of the Institute of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications Department, Institute of Microelectronics and Department of Physics Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (FEEC), University of Technology in Brno. Center will be located in the existing premises of the founding institutions.

Its origin is mainly to promote cooperation with companies dealing with communication, information and sensory systems. Total eligible project costs are 294 million crowns, the total project costs 342 million crowns. The main objective of the project is mainly to equip existing laboratories of these institutions, BUT top, financially costly devices and further improve the existing research and development of communication systems. With their commitment to the normal operation is expected within a few years.

The project manager will be prof. Dr. Ing. Zbynek Raida from the Institute of Radio Electronics. Implementation of the project will be launched on 1 August 2010 Research Infrastructure Center will be completed in December 2012 and January 2013, began full operation research centers. "People are confronted with the results of our research as early as today. Collaborate on the development of antennas and navigation systems for automobiles, have participated in the measurement of quality of mobile networks, dealing with the problems of acoustic fields, working on a multimedia interpretation of the transmitted information, examining the gradual merging of information and communication services. If the project SIX successful, our share of the aforementioned research increasing, "said prof. Raida. In addition to these areas, however, the new research center by prof. Raids also offer many other possibilities of research and its subsequent use in practice.

Six Apart Faculty Center building under the Operational Programme Research and Development Regional Center for Innovation Research and utilization of renewable energy sources (CVVOZE).

Source: press release FEEC University of Technology

Author: Černá, Lucie

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