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Even the Dutch language can be certified Added:21.8. 2010
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Even the Dutch language can be certified

Taalvaardigheid Praktische Beroepen, Maatschappelijke Taalvaardigheid, Taalvaardigheid Höger Onderwijs. This strange group of characters you might be interested if you come into contact with the Dutch language and culture. This is because the names of language certificates attesting to knowledge of the Dutch language. What level corresponds to what and where can you get?

Západogermánský Dutch is the language spoken in parts of Europe (except the Netherlands, Belgium and France), in Indonesia and the former Dutch colonies of Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. Dutch is also very similar to Afrikaans, the language that has its foundation the Dutch colonizers, but since the seventeenth century, when it was brought to the continent, he went on his own way and mixed with both the original languages, as well as with other African languages ​​colonizers territory. The Dutch Language Union Dutch are now talking about 24 million people. It is not too much motivation to try to penetrate into that language. Yet there are also such, which the Netherlands is so charmed, they decided to sacrifice the energy study of the language. What evidence of the knowledge you can then write the biography? For example, profit testing CNaVT.

** Test Certificate Nederlands Taal als Vreemde ** (Certificate Dutch as a foreign language) is international test at the request of the Dutch-Flemish ministerial committee annually compiles the Belgian team at the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Amsterdam. CNaVT, as is the abbreviation of this certificate, has several levels.

The easiest level of language proficiency certificate representing ptit ** ** (Informal en Profiel Toeristische Taalvaardigheid) intended for tourists and PTPB ** ** (Profiel Taalvaardigheid Praktische Beroepen) designed for people working in an environment where they come into contact with the Dutch. They correspond to the reference within the European Union's basic level A2. For ordinary social conversation appropriate level ** ** PMT (Profiel Maatschappelijke Taalvaardigheid) B1 level. Level B2 corresponding to the knowledge of the first foreign language graduates certificates correspond PTHO ** ** (Onderwijs Profiel Taalvaardigheid Höger) and PPT ** ** (Profiel Professionel Taalvaardigheid) while PTHO is suitable for those interested in studying in Dutch and PPT for work and business Dutch-speaking societies. Academic language proficiency certificate confirming ** PAT ** (Profiel Academische Taalvaardigheid) corresponding to the C1 level.

The review mentioned levels, including detailed requirements for each level you can see in the „Dutch“:…uality/cnavt in „English“: uk / Qualifications / cnavt.htm.

The test has three sections, listening, writing and speaking. Applicants pay 55 euros per test and log on to the 15th March, wants the same year to try. She had always held in May, repaired in June and the results students can expect in July. List all the institutions on which test to take place this year, you can see „here“:…examinerende 20instellingen­.doc%. Czech Republic search here under the Dutch label Tsjechische Republiek.

Dutch language is more diverse than the terrain over which moves most of the Dutch cycling.

Language schools that offer tuition Dutch, the Czech Republic are not many yet to be found. In Prague, offers a „tutor“:…nizozemstina, language school „Birkenau“: http://www.e-jazyky. com / Dutch-Dutch-for-zacatecniky.php, Language School in Prague 1, „Revolutionary 8“:…zemstina.php) and 'Caledonian School „: http://www.caledonianschool .cz / index.php? CenterContentExec KurzDetail = & id = 1814 & v = true. Brno is the school "Adispa“: The Czech people are speaking Dutch, it is possible to agree on individual instruction, unless the area is no satisfactory rate. An alternative is the Dutch study on campus, offering three of our largest universities.

Palacky University in Olomouc offers two-subject Bachelor Dutch philology and single-subject Bachelor Dutch for farming purposes, for graduates of the bachelor's degree master's degree in Dutch philology, focusing on specific language. Charles University offers Dutch language and literature at the undergraduate and master's degrees, single-subject and Archeology. In all these departments give students an opportunity to get a certificate, sometimes even with a financial discount, so most students use it.

Finally, it should be quiet for linguists to clarify one thing. This article concerns the Dutch, not the Dutch, which are concepts that are often used interchangeably. It was „Dutch“ is the official designation for západogermánský language Netherlands and northern Belgium, not Dutch or Flemish. As a Dutch dialect is referred to in the historical region of Holland in the west of the Netherlands (present-day provinces of North and South Holland). It therefore follows that the word Holland is often used incorrectly as a designation of the entire country. It is true that the Dutch dialect was just on today's form of the Dutch language the greatest impact, and therefore in many languages ​​Dutch encounter with the designation (for example, we can jump to our Slovak neighbors who say Dutch Dutch) for the Dutch language, but the Dutch themselves (and with them the Czech language) uses a Dutch label.

** More info: ** „Weblog of the Dutch“:, „Official site certificate“:… 3A% 2%% 2Ffiles% 2Falg.folder_EN.pdf

** Feature: ** „Crash course Dutch swearing“:…

Note: The author would like to thank Adriana Cane Dutch students and Vladimir Petrůji for the information provided, which served as a background article.

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