Palacky University will have its own kindergarten Added:19.8. 2010
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Palacky University will have its own kindergarten

A joint project of Education and the Faculty of Palacky University, "University Nursery School and club pre-schoolers' end up being their implementation. He is chosen from a series of proposals which are known to the European Social Fund project in the Challenge 54 – Equal opportunities for women and men. The project will be launched in autumn this year.

The idea to build – in line with trends in pre-primary education – pre-school facility that would help reconcile work and family lives of their employees, the Faculty of Education discussed a long time. In her plan she supported the Faculty of Science, which is known for its popularizačními activities among children and youth.

The newly established nursery school will provide superior services to logopedic pedagogical-psychological counseling, or language training, etc. These will be sponsored directly by the professional teaching staff of universities. Both faculty in the project will also aim to promote equal opportunities in the labor market and, indeed, through the establishment of nursery schools.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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