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Electrical engineering among young people? No dream ... Added:17.8. 2010
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Electrical engineering among young people? No dream ...

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You could say that the chips and circuits anyone interested. But it's not quite true. They find the visionaries who design, solder and researches of the things that now surround the entire general public, which are everywhere around us and call the electrician, and microelectronics. One such enthusiast is also a student of Vyskov Igor Turčan who completed residency training at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT. About his impressions we talk in this interview.

** Where do you want to go further? ** In addition to going to a technical school, I would have liked in Brno, but I need to try and Prague.

** Why did you choose electrical engineering? ** I chose electrical engineering because my father studied at the Technical University microelectronics, and I wanted to know what ever studied. There was me that microelectronics can happen at every step. Every time I turn on the PC, or send SMS.

** You have an interesting graduate program at FIT, what do you like best? ** I really liked the university environment and people's attitudes. In this approach I am accustomed to from high school, so I was fascinated. And I know that not everything offered and Faculty hiding. It was a good grounding for further study at the faculty.

** This internship gave you something? ** Sure she did. Deepened my knowledge of optics, which were at the beginning of the project almost zero.

** What do you like best? ** Most of all I liked the laboratory in which we measured the supervisor nakonektorovaná fibers. It was so common and yet there were several devices for tens or hundreds of thousands.

** Who are the internship was that? ** The internship I was with Mr.. Peter Drexler, PhD., Whom I thank for this care. I met plenty of people who inspired me and encouraged in other activities aimed to electronics.

** What was the theme of your secondary profession (SOC)? ** The theme of my laboratory was SOČ Connectorized optical fiber. The topic I chose, because I was really excited and it was one of the topics offered JCMM, which is an organization podopotující young people.

** How long will this industry doing it? ** Optics is devoted to year, since I chose the topic of SOC. It's very interesting, I still discover new things. They fascinate me and my wife in my research on.

** Do you want to continue to operate it? ** Still do not know exactly what I want to work, but optics attracts me very much. Moreover, I think it's the future study with a very high chance to exercise and a good income. These are the things that attracts me, of course, too.

** What would you like to do in the future? ** I do not know what I would do in the future. I have some directions that I was pulling, but that's about it. Meanwhile I want to study, I'm a total fun. And I'm looking forward to university life.

** How old are you? ** I am 17 years old.

** Where do you live? ** I live in Vyskov, it is about 40 km from Brno.

** What do you study? ** Studying the general high school in Vyskov.

Thank you for your time.

** ** For information about the faculty: Electrotechnical disciplines were first at the technical university, BUT the first time in 1905. Since 1959, when it was founded as an independent faculty of energy, which later transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has successfully completed engineering studies at our faculty over 23 000 graduates. In 2001 she received the present name of Science – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (FIT) and a year later she conceived the accreditation of new advanced degree programs in a structured study. The faculty has more than 4,400 students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. Studying at the faculty is focused on a wide range of scientific areas: control technology and robotics, biomedical engineering, power electronics and electrical engineering, electrotechnology and electronics, microelectronics, and Radioelectronics Teleinformatics.

For more information, please contact me.

** ** Press contact:

** ** George Wagner Public relations manager Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology BUT mail:

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