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From student to student advisors Ombudsman Added:19.8. 2010
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From student to student advisors Ombudsman

I have to repeat the subject on which my teacher fired? When you catch up the school, as I stay? She came to me with the assessment cover tuition fees, what should I do? These and other problems for three years to help students at Masaryk University Kudrova Veronica. It belongs to a team of Student Advisors, who, from autumn 2007 to advise running away from textbooks to solve problems that may arise during their studies.

Student advisors are a group of MU students who have decided to combine their heads together and experience and offer a helping hand to colleagues baffled. They can turn to them in cases where they fail quite often not knowledgeable advice of friends and questions flooding studies department.

The original idea originated in the heart of the Academic Senate of Masaryk University, where part of senators began to seek a student ombudsman function, which university officials defended the rights of students. This increased and study counseling and legal advisers and five first became current thirteen, who has advised more than eight thousand students at Masaryk University. Founding member of the initiative is also a likable lawyer Veronica, who gave us a few questions.

** What are the most common problems with which students turn to you? **

Most encounters requests for advice on tuition fees, which specialize just me. Students will either ask whether, in such and such a process is waiting in the future charge, or do not understand why they were charged or determine if there is no way to avoid the obligation to pay. The following are frequently asked questions about studying and passing the suspension over the past year to propagate queries to transfers and changes in fields and forms.

** What is the number of inquiries that are flocking to you, is really justified and how much laziness can only find information on available documents? **

This truth can not very well considered, because you can check in only part of the agenda. The questions that I've handled myself, have about half the students could easily find answers for yourself or to think. Yet they always answer.

** What is the most curious problem that you had to solve? **

… If I knew vaguely remember a question on the faculty.

** And what was the most serious problem the other hand, into which you insert? **

One of our consultants for the second year of working intensively on the case to describe as the poor relations at work that are being addressed through the doctoral students and undergraduates in particular the issue of bad reviews in the national final exams. Poor relationships apparently did not end, but the students, which are carried unjustified anger, we are, I believe, helped.

** Did you solve such a serious case of misconduct in the process of testing, something that reached under the competence of the student ombudsman? **

Yes, I estimate that each year we have around ten major cases in which unauthorized students going wrong. Some say fit the rules, but in my human right not. For example, such behavior can bring the rules by which the Department changed the requirements for students with access to the state final exam, and how to measure a few months before final exams. First, establish that a student had to meet another object that previously existed, and especially some státnicových sliced ​​into many other subjects, the failure to meet any of them, forcing students to repeat the whole group of subjects. Whether we are able to do something, usually depends on the outreach faculty. Unfortunately, in principle, that the problems are usually not related to the direction of faculty willing to admit mistakes and work to correct them. What would it be?

[* * Poradci.jpg]

Photos of the team on a flyer Student Advisors, with which they can meet the faculty of Masaryk University (Veronica Kudrova far right). (Source: „ / consultants“:

** What should not be a student advisor in order to effectively help students? **

Do not be afraid to confront someone who does not fulfill its responsibilities or abuses its position, even if it was to be his teacher or the dean of his very own faculty. The good thing is they are in the Academic Senate and other student organization, thereby gaining insight and often a better bargaining position when trying to draw attention to a problem.

** And where do you draw all the information for student advisors helping others? **

A member starts attending full-day workshops in which they learn the basics of higher law. It is necessary to study the necessary regulations, particularly the study and examination regulations of the university and its faculty complement, university status, especially the part about fees, scholarships and Regulations of the University's own faculty fellowship programs. It is also useful meeting with someone from Student Services or even better, a study of the faculty dean, the adviser who will act to know with what to whom to turn.

** Must have all those rules actually at their fingertips and know them by heart? **

In the study conditions is essential to understand, but nobody know the heart does not. Even law students are taught the rules by heart, as one might think.

** Why did you decided to personally help students? What do you enjoy working? **

So naturally I somehow feel that if I can help, I should help. From the first year I was senator, and because I always had a little more information than others and I'm afraid to ask, you'll have to teach my students to turn to various questions. I did not mind it, I guess I also felt I was the world more useful than if I spent the time spent playing computer games or sitting in a pub. Now at work partially implemented as an attorney, because de facto lawyer doing work in the field of higher law. Finally, I draw inspiration for their professional activities, such as postgraduate university devoted to law and procedures, particularly students and universities according to the Law on Higher Education.

** What do you think the proposed fee study? The danger is that you fall off of work to resolve problems related to charges or regulations associated with them will continue to pay? **

With tuition fees in principle, I agree and I think that if not symbolic of the level will end with the introduction of charging for the study. And honestly, at the end of the agenda of charges forward.

** A team of student advisors came to a particular university, and is mainly ordinary students. It's like a part of each university counseling? **

Not a chance. As far as I know, none of the other universities there is a project that is the scope and range of services comparable with our activities. We know of similar activities, but these include only some of our individual activities such as informative lectures to be freshmen or bind only to certain faculty and not to the entire university.

** The first year starts this year, next year graduates. What should you watch most? **

At that time you find useful information about how and under what rules they will be studying. All that is trying to convey information to the above mentioned lectures Safely study. Whether, therefore, new students come to see the Masaryk University.

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