Doctoral programs and courses Added:17.8. 2010
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Doctoral programs and courses

Upon successful completion of master degree students have the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies in the cycle. What can such a study involves, how it is and what is its output can be found in the following table.

The process and content of studies

  • Content and meaning of „doctoral“:…rske-studium by the Higher Education Act in particular, scientific research and independent creative activity ** in research and development ** or individual ** theoretical work in the field of art **
  • Studies in doctoral programs offer all of our university-type, but not in any degree program or discipline
  • Standard length of study ** is at least three and not more than four years **
  • To study the doctoral cycle may also apply to students who have completed their previous studies at other schools, but must be a similar or related field
  • Doctoral degree program is ** according to individual curricula under the guidance of a supervisor **
  • Curriculum doctoral degree usually consists of a common base ** ** ** and ** vocational courses, which normally provides each student's super­visor
  • ** Study is completed „state doctoral exam“:…ecna-zkouska ** a ** defense „thesis“: http://www. / academic / dictionary / password / ** PhD-thesis, graduates who have demonstrated ability and readiness for independent work in research and development, or independent theoretical and creative artistic activity

Awarded title === ===

  • Graduates of doctoral „degree programs“:…ijni-program ** receive the academic title „doctor“ ** (abbreviation Ph.D. ** ** is given the name) in terms of academic theology degree ** „Doctor of Theology“ ** (** abbreviation „Th.D.“ **, is given a name)

Forms of Studies === ===

  • Graduate courses and programs can be studied either ** „loans for“:…ncni-studium or „combination“: -slovnik/heslo/kom­binovane-studium-2 **
  • When full time student ** occurs regularly at their training center **
  • In some schools students are doctoral cycle also lead training ** or ** it assists
  • The benefits of full-time study is the possibility of obtaining ** „scholarships“:…o/stipendium **, for which a given act of „Science“: http://www.vysokeskoly. com / academic / dictionary / password / faculty or school (basic scholarship amount ranges average around seven thousand dollars), an eventual increase may be motivated by good example, educational and scientific results
  • ** ** Full-time students, generally can meet the required criteria for use of the services ‚canteen‘:…/heslo/menza and colleges as well as students of bachelor and master cycle
  • ** ** Combined study scholarships to the above benefits have to be consulted, however, remains limited times per semester
  • During doctoral studies in the early years, student test consists of professional ** ** (usually the two to three year), and continuously demonstrates that working on his dissertation
  • Keep the public should also publish ** ** your professional (or scientific) studies and articles

More on doctoral studies you can read the article "The doctor is a doctor, or do not know what a Ph.D.:…eb-co-nevite- o-ph-d

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