Science and Research Added:17.8. 2010
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Science and Research

Research activities are an integral part of the action of each high school. For here, in collaboration with partner institutions and companies, where all the achievements and ideas, which we try to scientists and researchers to facilitate our everyday life …

  • Research activities are an integral part of Czech colleges and universities in this area establish a specialized department of science and ** Research **, ** scientific research institutes and ** ** ** Training Centre
  • High School also on the Higher Education Act established scientific advice ** ** (on non-university high school she says ** ** Academic Board), whose members are prominent leaders in fields in which high school education takes place, scientific, research , development and innovation, artistic or other creative activity, which is chaired by the Rector
  • The concept of scientific research activities include both theoretical ** ** (exploratory) research and applied research ** **

Where is the scientific research activities conducted

  • Research activities are carried out, inter alia, of:
  • ** ** Research Center (in this example, you can also write academic theses)
  • ** ** Grant competitions (for example, announced by the „Grant Agency of the Republic“:, „the Grant“: / and many other governmental, parastatal and private entities)
  • ** ** Research projects for the year (research plan in detail the mission, progress and anticipated results of scientific research activities, examples of research projects, see, inter alia, on the „details“: R-intentions-launched-to-1-January-2005), etc.

The main mission of the Department for Science and Research

  • ** Administrative support and consulting services ** for students in doctoral programs, particularly
  • ** ** Support the creative activity of students (including the project „Higher Education Development Fund“:, projects to promote creative activities organized by schools themselves, etc.)
  • ** Support and coordination of habilitation and rigorous management ** and ** the procedure for the appointment of Professor **
  • ** ** Support and coordination of scientific activities of the School ** **
  • Administration and coordination ** ** ** award honors, awards and academic, respectively. honorary degrees **
  • ** ** And media popularization of scientific and research activities of the school
  • Transfer of information ** ** ** coordination and administrative support ** in the selection and subsequent management of research projects ** ** held in grant competitions, research projects, etc.

Title for scientific and research activities

  • A special role in the development of scientific knowledge is valued award honorary academic title „doctor honoris causa ** **“ (from lat. Honorary doctor abbreviation ** Dr. Hc ** after the name) that can be awarded to the academic institution which the candidate studied or otherwise not act on it

Who can participate

  • Science base in universities are primarily scientific and research activities of students ** Bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs ** or ** the participants in lifelong learning courses **, then ** ** staff and other school employees ** **
  • College students are often involved in it in his „dissertation“:…rtacni-prace or master and „Bachelor“: http://www.vysokeskoly. com / academic / dictionary / password / Bachelor of Work-
  • More scientific research projects at universities is also addressed in the rigorous ** or ** ** ** habilitation procedure or the procedure for appointment ** Professor **
  • Students and employees may also engage in research projects through its self-publishing **, professional and artistic activities **
  • To participate but can also students from secondary ** ** or ** ** Primary Schools

How to participate

  • For more information about the currently ongoing or planned research projects and how to get involved, students may contact the relevant Department of Science ** and ** Research at various universities
  • More information about current or future projects handled, including how to proceed, provided they want the candidates to engage in research, can also be found on the websites of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic „http://www.cas­.cz/veda_a_vyz­kum/ (CR ), which in March 2010 to work with 22 universities and shared with them a total of 54 research institutes (the list of currently announced by napříkad projects can be found in the "public competition“:…jne_souteze/)
  • Science and research, for example, pages devoted to the „Technology Center“: CR
  • ** Especially high school students is designed project ** CR called „open science“:
  • ** At elementary and secondary schools **, ** but also to university students and teachers at all levels of education ** addresses such project VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava and the Technical University in Liberec "New Talents for Science and Research ":

Partners === research activities at universities ===

  • Partner research activities most schools are ** public and private companies or other ** ** T ** researchers working at home and abroad, that help promote the achievements themselves, or used in practice
  • Between the important partners for the research activities of schools such as the „Council for Research, Development and Innovation:,"; Academy of Sciences ":, different ministries (for example, "Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports“: (MoE), "The Ministry for Regional Development: and many others
  • Results obtained from research activities, in addition to the actual implementation in practice visibility through the publication of articles ** and the results of scientific research ** in major Czech and foreign periodicals

Support for research and development by the Ministry

  • Ministry of Education grants funds (the so-called support for specific university research) according to § 3 paragraph 2, point. c) Law No. „130/2002 Coll.“:…umu-a-vyvoje on Support of Research and Development Innovation from public funds and amending some related Acts (Act on Support of Research Development and Innovation), as amended
  • A cornerstone to help various scientific and research projects are ** ** Basic Research Center (abbr. LC) and ** ** Research Centre (for a detailed list of projects implemented in 2009, click „here“: http://www.isvav. com / findProjectBy­ typVyhledavani = easy & prjIntCode = & prjIntName = & providerCode = & activityCode = 1M & branchCode = & typOboru = 1 & keyword = & currentYear = 2009 & stavFazeKod = & stavovyFiltrRok = 2009 & rolePrijemce = 1 & nazevPrijemce = & roleResitele = 3 & personSurname = & sortType = 0 & formType = 0)
  • The aim of these centers is to promote cooperation particularly important scientific institutions in the Czech Republic to increase their competitiveness in Europe and contribute to the education of young professionals
  • These centers are financed from public funds according to law No. „130/2002 Coll.“: Http://www.msmt­.cz/vyzkum/za­kon-c-130–2002-o-podpore-vyzkumu-a-vyvoje, on research and development from public funds and amending some related Acts (Act on Research and Development) and the Government „461/2002“: the purpose…461_2002.pdf R & D support from public funds on public tenders in research and development

Support for research and development from the European Union

  • The European Union uses to promote science and research funds from its Structural Funds, namely the ** European Regional Development Fund ** Fund (ERDF)
  • The area of ​​science and research focuses ** EU Operational Programme for Development Research and Innovation ** (OP RDI), the governing body of the Ministry of Education
  • OP RDI is divided into five priority axes ** ** (European Centre of Excellence, Regional R & D centers, popularization and commercialization of R & D infrastructure for teaching at universities for a research and direct impact on the growth of human resources for research and development activities, technical assistance), which are further divided into even more specific categories
  • O ** ** support under this program may apply ** all public and state universities conducting research and development, public research institutions, research institutes, corporate bodies, etc. **
  • Detailed information on the OP RDI visit „“:

=== Related Legislation

  • Research and Development Act provides for „130/2002 Coll.“: Http://www.msmt­.cz/vyzkum/za­kon-c-130–2002-o-podpore-vyzkumu-a-vyvoje, the promotion of research, experimental development and innovation
  • Academic, developmental, artistic or other creative activities are governed in different contexts as well as the Higher Education Act „111/1998 Coll.“: Http://www.msmt­.cz/file/10815, as amended
  • Establishing the conditions and scope of public research institutions are regulated by Act 341/2005 Coll. On public research institutions (unofficial version) (pdf:…liz_9514.pdf)
  • Science and research at some point also deals with the Act No. 283/1992 Coll. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (as amended by Act No. 220/2000 Coll. 342/2005 Coll.) („Pdf“: http:// /…283-1992.pdf)
  • Various aspects of government financial subsidies for science and research also focuses on "Community framework for State aid for research, development and innovation:…atni-podporu- research-evolution-and-innovation? source = rss 2006
  • Other provisions for research and development in the Czech Republic you can find sites such as "Council for Science, Research and Innovation:…tClanek.aspx?…

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